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Mammals Symbolism & Meanings

Below is a list of all Mammal Symbolism & Meanings articles. More are added every week so check back often! Scroll down to below the articles or click to read about Mammal Symbolism and Meaning.

Mammal Symbolic Meanings

You would be hard pressed to go even one day walking this earth without seeing a Mammal.

By definition a Mammal nourishes their youth from mammary glands (with only a few exceptions) and they give birth to live young. Most have hair all over their body as well. Examples include Beavers, Cats, Dolphins, Kangaroo and the Duck-billed Platypus, which is proof positive that God has a sense of humor.

Religions, cultures and philosophies around the world have used various Mammals as essential symbols with various meanings including:

  • Diversity
  • Connection to the land (with the exception of water mammals)
  • Natural rhythms
  • Instinct
  • Grounding
  • Constancy

Each Mammal brings its own distinctiveness to this list based on traits it exhibits in Nature. The tallest Mammal, the Giraffe, for example, represents perspective while the smelliest critter, a Skunk, signifies protection.

What is my Spirit Animal has a plethora of beautiful beasties for your exploration. Here you can learn how to bring those magical natural energies into your life for personal growth and goals, both spiritual and mundane.

Mammal Spirit Animal

A Spirit Animal “shows up in your life when you need it’s lessons or ‘energy’ for some reason.

Mammals often bring a reminder to return to the heart of Mother earth and remember Her messages. They also put you in tune with your own inner rhythms – the drumming of your heart and inner awareness.

Mammal Totem Animal

Totems are the animals that you’re “born with” or “born under”. These animal guides connect to your spirit and your DNA on a very intimate level.

Those with Mammal totems typically have an incredible love of nature.

As children, you’ll see them digging in dirt and constantly tossing off shoes to feel the grass between their toes.

Mammal Power Animal

Power animals are energetic beings that you can seek out when you need their assistance. Say, for example, you feel the need to “toughen up”.

In this case, a tough Armadillo might be a great choice.

Or, if you feel your child needs extra protection from a predator or bully you could seek out the Wild Boar or Bear, both of whom tenaciously and proactively protect their young.

Mammals in Celtic Symbolism

Because of the immense number of Mammals featured in Celtic symbolism its impossible to cover them all but rather provide a better understanding on how and why the Celts chose animals for much of their art. In this culture, animals acted as signs and talismans. They also represented various qualities for which humankind constantly strives.

By studying the Mammal and seeing its virtues, we can turn our sites inward and manifest strength, courage, kindness, nurturing, and so forth. The Celts looked to the creature that signified the assets most desired at that moment as a means of self-improvement and so can you.

Let’s take Bull as an illustration. Bull is strong, stubborn and even belligerent. The Celts felt they were also fertile and brought abundance to the village.

Mammals in Native American Symbols

Mammals appear in Native American spirituality as symbols for clans, tribes or an individual’s Totem with which he/she was born. An Animal Totem stays with you throughout your life’s journey, helping you with the tasks and lessons at hand. Your connection to your totem manifests the creature’s characteristics in your life. As with the Celts, the exact meaning changes based on animal type and behavior.

More Mammal Symbolic Meanings

Mammal symbols are around you every day. They appear in Far Eastern beliefs and art. They are part of the Western, Chinese and Native American Zodiac. Mammals also have an impressive write up in nearly every dream book ever written. So, as you’re exploring Mammal Symbolism and Meaning be sure to consider all cultures’ teachings, myths, and legends.

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