Animal Dream Symbols and Meanings

Animal Dream Symbols and Meanings N-Z

Dreams About Owls 325x325

Owl Dreams

When Owls fly into your dreams, they bring important messages from spirit. Owls symbolize wisdom and the ability to see into the night – the darkness. Owls in dreams are omens that now is the time become a real student of your life’s purpose. If you’re scared of what might be in front of you because you can’t currently see all the way down your path, Owl is telling you not to be afraid. If you see through the eyes of Owl, you can see through the veil to the other side. Then, your answers will come.

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Snake Dreams

Tiger Dreams 325x325

Tiger Dreams

Dreams about Tigers, overall, can symbolize your personal sense of power.

Seeing a Tiger in a zoo can mean that you’re feeling trapped or like you’re under scrutiny by others.

If your Tiger dream is set in nature, in the wild, it could represent your internal need for independence and freedom are at an all time high.

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Wolf Dreams 325x325

Wolf Dreams

Dreams about Wolves can be a bit complex to interpret and analyze because Wolves are, in many ways, symbolically tied to Dogs. That said, Wolves are still wild animals. So, when you encounter a Wolf dream it is truly a powerful omen and one not to be taken lightly. It’s important to remember if you dreamed of a Wolf pack or lone Wolf. Additionally, what color(s) were the Wolves in your dream? Was it a Grey Wolf, White Wolf, Brown and Orange Timber Wolf, etc.?

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