Amphibians Dream Meaning & Symbolism

Amphibians Dream Meaning & Symbolism

Amphibians are dream symbols bringing with it the message of change, transformation, and metamorphosis. To dream of amphibians is to dream of a variety of different, highly unique reptiles. Amphibians will begin their lives in water and eventually develop the ability to breathe on the land: This makes them creatures in tune with the realms of emotion and the physical. Water, being a symbol of the unconscious, allows the amphibian to become a messenger of the subconscious, and there are even symbolic underworld associations linked to the appearance of amphibians in dreams.

Along with change and transition, amphibians bring messages of ease of adaptability. They correspond with Earth and Water elements: This offers clues as to the type of dream message one is receiving. For instance, when the amphibian appearing in dreams is in water, this might connote having to handle complex emotions in one’s waking hours. Or, to dream of an amphibian might point to attempts at spirit communication. If the amphibian is on land in the dream, it is a message suggesting you take time to find your roots, ground, or regain a connection to the Earth Mother.

Exploring the meaning of a specific amphibian can reveal more dream meaning to you. First, we look to the salamander, an adorable little amphibian that can often be found hiding under rocks in cool bodies of water, but can also be found hiding in shaded areas on land. This creature carries the dream message of needing to maintain balance between the material or physical realm and the realm of emotion and thought.

The salamander is also associated with the Fire element. It was once believed that salamanders controlled the fire (this stemming from the creatures running out of the rotten logs thrown onto a fresh fire to escape for their lives). The fiery element association signifies a dream meaning of transformation, purification, a movement of personal will, strength, passion, and life. One or more of all latter associations may be applicable to situations in your waking hours.

Now take a moment and see how the dream meaning of the frog might come to mean something a bit different than what a salamander conveys. Imagine you see a frog jumping about in your dream. The scene might make you feel great joy. It’s appearance in your nighttime vision hints at the upcoming period of happiness. For others, the image might signify a sense of restlessness. Or, you may be jumping from one thing to the next in your waking hours. A frog jumping from one lily pad to another symbolizes a clear path forward with little to no emotional complications. But a frog hopping around haphazardly tells of the dreamer failing to handle a situation effectively.

If you find you are giving chase to the frog in your dreams, you are in strong desire of transformation in your waking life. Since you are willful about capturing the frog, you want to find a way to make a desired change happen. Or, frog imagery in dreams might be pointing at the need to put a complete halt to changes you do not want to deal with as well. If you kiss a frog in your dream, unexpected changes will surprise you in your waking hours. Whether the change is pleasant or negative depends on dream context and the result of the transformation that occurs.

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