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Animal Dream Symbols & Meanings A-M

Are you having dreams about animals? Learn to interpret and analyze them by discovering the dream meanings and symbolism for hundreds of animal dreams!

What Do Crocodile Dreams Mean?

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A lot like the alligator in some ways, the crocodile has dream messages to convey that are unique when compared to alligator dream interpretations! When this terrifying, toothy creature comes crawling through your dreams, it is best to be on the alert for potential dangers.

White Dove Dreams Interpretation

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If you see a dove in your dreams the most common interpretation is to see it as a sign of peace within your life. The dove is a gentle creature depicting virtue, simplicity, and goodness and when it flies in your dreams, it brings with it the energies of harmony and balance.

What Do Dragon Dreams Mean?

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The dragon as a fantastical creature with many different dream meanings for those who are lucky enough to see the beast in their nighttime visions! Fantasy dragons can be both helpful and harmful, so dream context is of tremendous import when it comes to making correct interpretations.