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Animal Dream Symbols & Meanings A-M

Are you having dreams about animals? Learn to interpret and analyze them by discovering the dream meanings and symbolism for hundreds of animal dreams!

Fox in Dreams – It’s meaning and symbolism might surprise you!

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The fox not only stands for the act of being clever but of using all of the skills you have available to you to get the resolution you desire. The fox in your dream is a message that you will soon face challenges in your waking life that will take a bit of ingenuity to get through.

What Does Having a Dream about Frogs Mean?

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Frogs are amphibians, so they live in water and on land. Actually, they start their life out in the water which represents the deep unconscious, dreams, thoughts, intuition, and renewal as well as resurrection. As such, frog links directly to all of the latter mentioned concepts as well.

What if You Dream About a Giraffe?

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Giraffe dream messages might suggest you are “all in your head” or your mind, body, spirit connection has some kind of imbalance or disconnect going on. Consider the giraffe as a dream message to alter your perspective by viewing the larger picture and the long-term effects of any actions you take when you are awake.

Dreams About Goats

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The goat corresponds with the Greek God Pan, the deity who rules over theatrical criticism, wooded glens, groves, fields, rustic music, the wild nature in the mountains, flocks, shepherds, and all things wild…Thus, the connection between Pan and the Goat then leads to the modern understanding of the goat as a symbol virility in dreams.