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Animal Dream Meanings & Symbolism

Are you having dreams about animals? Learn to interpret and analyze them by discovering the dream meanings and symbolism for hundreds of animal dreams!

What Does Dreaming About Alligators Mean

What Does Dreaming About Alligators Mean ***NOTE*** Because Alligators and Crocodiles are so close in physical appearance, "What Does Dreaming About Alligators Mean" includes a bit about Crocodile dream meanings. This is for the purposes of comparison and contrast. For the complete symbolism and meaning of the Crocodile, click to read “Crocodile Dreams”. Why bother

Dreams About Badgers

Dreams About Badgers Allow me to help you get a true sense of the Badger. Just imagine that five-year-old you see in line at the store next to all the impulse buys and at once see just how persistent the child is when she begins demanding candy and she Badgers her mother for a chocolate

Dreams About Bears

Dreams About Bears Teddy Bear Dreams To see teddy Bears in your dreams is a sign that you will have reemerging memories from childhood. When you were young the teddy Bear was a constant companion so it is a symbol of innocence, livelihood, playtime, fun, and lasting friendship. To dream of this Bear might signal

Beaver Dream Meanings

Beaver Dream Meanings There's a reason we use the expressions; 'Busy as a Beaver' and 'Eager Beaver'. Each of these idioms reference one’s eagerness to participate in something or one’s dedication to the work at hand. Have you ever seen how hard or long Beavers will work to build their home or care for their

Buffalo Dream Meanings & Symbolism

Ah, the powerful Buffalo, grand emperor of the wild plains. Perhaps surprisingly, this ancient, sacred and seemingly a bit scary animal brings such a sweet and thoughtful message to dreamers everywhere. How’s your gratitude of late? What and who have you appreciated recently? When you dream about Buffalo, certainly the animal can represent things like

Butterfly Dream Meaning

When Butterfly appears in your dreams it is a message telling you it is time for dramatic change. Think, “really dramatic,” like the “Home Makeover,” television show dramatic where the people end up with an entirely house to replace the old and everyone ends up crying because they are so elated with the outcome! Butterfly

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