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Animal Dream Meanings & Symbolism

Are you having dreams about animals? Learn to interpret and analyze them by discovering the dream meanings and symbolism for hundreds of animal dreams!

Dreams About Wolves

Dreams About Wolves Dreams about Wolves appear as reminders of loving, powerful and loyal people and your relationship to them. Wolves are very social and in dream analysis they symbolize connection. If Wolves walk along with you in Dreamtime, then you are being supported on your path by community and family. A Wolf close at

Dreams About Badgers

Dreams About Badgers Allow me to help you get a true sense of the Badger. Just imagine that five-year-old you see in line at the store next to all the impulse buys and at once see just how persistent the child is when she begins demanding candy and she Badgers her mother for a chocolate

Dreams About Bears

Dreams About Bears Teddy Bear Dreams To see teddy Bears in your dreams is a sign that you will have reemerging memories from childhood. When you were young the teddy Bear was a constant companion so it is a symbol of innocence, livelihood, playtime, fun, and lasting friendship. To dream of this Bear might signal

What Does Dreaming About Alligators Mean

What Does Dreaming About Alligators Mean ***NOTE*** Because Alligators and Crocodiles are so close in physical appearance, "What Does Dreaming About Alligators Mean" includes a bit about Crocodile dream meanings. This is for the purposes of comparison and contrast. For the complete symbolism and meaning of the Crocodile, click to read “Crocodile Dreams”. Why bother

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Cats

Dreams about Cats can bring quirky, mischievous symbolism into your dreams. Cats also represent independence and powerful feminine energy as well as grace and playfulness. So, interpreting Cat dreams might seem like trying to unravel a ball of tangled yarn. With some Cat-like patience, you can easily analyze feline dreams and still have time for a cat nap!

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