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Animal Spirit Guides

Below you’ll find tutorials on how to connect and communicate with as well as understand your Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal. Discover how to see the hidden messages from your animal spirit guide. Learn to unlock the symbols the wild kingdom is sending straight to your soul.

Color Meanings & Symbolism

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Do color meanings have anything to do with exploring messages, signs and omens from our animal spirit guides? Does color symbolism signify anything when trying to interpret messages from your Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal? Of course! Click to learn about the meaning of colors in the animal kingdom!

Dead Animal Symbolism, Meaning, & Omens

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Spiritual folks and people who follow a Shamanic path watch for signs from nature. It may be a lesson, a harbinger or a message nudging our awareness. These omens signal them that something important is about to happen. Seeing dead animals – especially our Spirit, Totem, or Power Animal – can be upsetting. But, when you come to understand that there is no such thing as death – only transition – the symbolism of seeing a dead animal takes on a whole different meaning. Click to learn more about how to interpret this type of message from your animal spirit guides.

Zuni Fetishes

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Find out about the artistic renderings of the Shiwi People originating in the Northwest portion of New Mexico. Discover the meaning behind their intricate carvings called Zuni Fetishes. Read on now to explore the spiritual meaning behind the practice and how such fetishes have a purpose in the holistic healing arts or attracting fertility and abundance. Learn how to use the carvings to connect with Spirit Animal Guides now!