Spirit Animalscopes: Horoscopes & Tarot Reading for May 2021

Zodiac Signs Horoscopes May 2021

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May 2021 Horoscopes Overview:
Centaur Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

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Blending wisdom and instinct…

This month, the Sun travels from earthy Taurus to witty Gemini, and so it makes perfect sense that this would be the month of the Centaur. This mythical creature was often seen as a lusty beast, half-human, half-horse traveling as part of a rowdy group. Yet Centaurs were also scholars, philosophers, scientists, and healers.

Chiron and Pholus are among the famous mythical Centaurs and each represented a blend of intellectual gifts and wisdom with an instinctive, primal nature. This month, seek to blend these two aspects within yourself as you study and carefully analyze your plans while also following your heart and living in harmony with nature.

Find your passions and follow your dreams now, though you may not want to sacrifice intellect for intuition or vice-versa. This month may lead you to face paradoxical aspects of your own nature. How are you generous but also cautious? How are you reserved but also wild? How do you seek freedom but also find security in limitations?

Centaur energy helps us to remember we are part of nature and nature lives within us. This month, you may hear the call of the wild. How will you answer?

For those in the Pagan Community, May 1st is Beltane, a holiday that recalls our passionate and lusty nature, perfect for connecting with energetic and bawdy Centaur. Though not an Astrological event in the sense that planetary transits are, this is considered a “cross-quarter” day because it marks a milestone en route to the summer solstice which will arrive late next month.

On May third, Mercury enters into Gemini. This is a potent time for creativity and communication, especially relevant to this month’s Animal Messenger, the wise and intellectual Centaur. You may feel motivated to travel, reconnect with friends, and spend more time studying and chatting or experimenting with new technologies.

May eighth brings the ingress of Venus into Gemini. Your relationships and desires may also become more intellectualized. This is a great time to speak up about your feelings towards others. You may find greater inspiration to create art now as well. Plans for business or an investment can also take shape, especially with the guidance or information shared by someone you trust.

Enjoy your creative gifts and take a more playful and casual approach to love. Bringing beauty and harmony to your relationships may be more of a priority now as compared to deeper emotional connections.

On May eleventh, the New Moon in Taurus joins the power of the radiant Sun and the mystical Moon. Your outward and inner worlds can be harmonized around the qualities of the sign of Taurus. Create beauty and comfort for yourself and others. Grounding yourself, investing in luxuries that please you, and a create sense of success can be important for you to refresh your energy now.

As this past year has been filled with intense ups and downs, Astrologers are looking forward to May 13th as Jupiter enters Pisces. While intense aspects continue to abound, this milestone marks a time in which we can collectively expect greater enlightenment, healing, and a surge in compassion. This won’t solve all our problems, but it will add a sense of good fortune finally starting to trickle into our lives. Moving forward, examining your beliefs and expanding your mind, especially when it comes to beliefs about healing, spirituality, and connection to others is important.

On May 20th, the Sun enters Gemini, and you may feel more mentally active and curious about options that can break up the monotony in your life.

On May 23rd Saturn retrograde in Aquarius begins. This will have a months-long impact on society collectively, likely bringing us to revisit many of the tumultuous issues and changes we were grappling with between May and September of 2020. This time, our task is to look deeper, challenge our expectations and preconceptions, and examine disruptive, surprising changes from entirely new angles. This may feel like an extension of challenges to your traditions or routines so that you can re-establish new frameworks rather than trying to reinvent a wheel that isn’t working in the first place.

May 25th brings an exciting and emotionally healing Grand Water Trine with Neptune in Pisces, Mars in Cancer, and the Moon in Scorpio. This can be a cathartic time of powerful release and deep emotional and intuitive connection- a great time for psychic development!

May 26th brings a Total Eclipse of the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Even if you’re facing a phase coming to completion now, the mood is likely to be excited and enthusiastic, not bitter or melancholy. This can be a great time of personal harvest and empowerment.

On May 29th, everybody’s favorite, Mercury Retrograde (kidding!) begins in Gemini. At home in its sign of rulership, Mercury retrograde in Gemini makes it particularly potent but may also take off some of the edge from otherwise disruptive tendencies of this planet’s retro journey. You know the drill, avoid major commitments and purchases if possible, expect hiccups with plans, technology, and travel. Give yourself extra time in your commute and drive extra-cautiously, re-read emails before hitting “send.”

There are so many opportunities to tap into your inner Centaur this month, as you strive for balance between deeper passions and cool intellect. Though it’s an action-packed month astrologically, don’t forget our Animal Guides are helping us to navigate.

Aries Horoscope:
Snake Spirit Animal & The Tower

snake animal spirit horoscope 300x471
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Shed illusions like an old skin now.

Snake is whispering in your ear this month, Aries, but don’t be afraid. This was the process that, according to myth, granted the power of prophecy. Legend and lore cast Snake in different roles. Embodiment of evil, bringer of medicine, guardian of mystical secrets of transformation and rebirth, slippery trickster.

Yet the common thread through all of Snake lore involves the power of transformation and the willingness to let go of what you’ve outgrown so that you can truly succeed in your mission. Snake is associated with initiation, so this is likely a time for you to cross some type of sacred threshold. Rituals or other milestones may make it clear that you’re no longer who you used to be.

If like circumstances bring you to new heights this month, work with Snake in a ritual of your own to help you align your current circumstances with your higher intentions of transformation and growth. Seek wisdom even if you need to let go now.

Snake also corresponds to the Tower card and this month you may feel like things are collapsing all around you. Not an optimistic tone for someone born under the usually optimistic Aries. You always seek a silver lining, but this month it may be more difficult than usual.

Your attachment to your ego is deeply ingrained. It’s part of your sign’s energy as the first in the zodiac. You take great pride in your sense of initiative. Yet this month, you may find that all the determination and focus you can muster are still not enough to make things work out your way.

Snake is calling you to let go of the specific attachments to ego and all the emotional validation that you associate with a victory. The victory you achieve now may not involve having things on your own terms. But what you see as a necessity, Snake may call an old and weathered skin that isn’t really serving you anyway.

Be courageous now as you release expectations and accept some levels of inevitable change as beyond your control. You’ll have opportunities to pursue your dreams even if the path you thought you would be on shifts.

On May fifth, the Moon in Pisces makes a trine to Mars in Cancer. This brings a double dose of cathartic, watery energy into your life. Always the firebrand, this immersion in the emotional, watery depths may make you feel like your motivation is being doused. But this can be a highly psychic time for emotional healing and creativity. Mars, your ruling planet, is transiting through Cancer for the next few months, so you may feel more emotionally charged than usual.

This isn’t easy energy for you to sit with as you associate emotion with vulnerability, but stick with the process, even the confusing, muddled feelings now.

Chiron will form a challenging square to Mars in Cancer on the 6th. Your feathers may be ruffled by a reminder of past wounds related to alienation or feeling rejected by family or loved ones. Accepting and loving yourself now without waiting for others’ approval can be a great way to face past fears and insecurities and finally heal on a deeper level. This transit’s energy will last until around the 17th, with the Moon also passing by Chiron in Aries on the 8th and then passing farther out of orb the following day.

On the 22nd, Chiron in Aries comes into opposition with the Moon in Libra. This can resurrect deep unresolved wounds again, only this time, the wounds triggered have more to deal with partnerships and not feeling equally supported. You may be reminded of times in the past where you didn’t feel honored as an individual or where your contributions to a partnership went unappreciated.

Though you may need to face sadness and pain related to these past wounds, you can now come to develop greater personal confidence that can serve you in future relationships.

On the 26th, Chiron comes into a more favorable trine aspect with the Moon in Sagittarius. Wounds you’ve been working to sort out for weeks now may finally lead you to a new perspective. You may have greater confidence in yourself now and also find a way to lead others as a role model because of past wounds and crises, serving as a beacon of hope for others.

At the same time, Chiron is also making a favorable trine to Mars in Cancer. You may now have epiphanies related to past wounds and insecurities. This can be an important time to finally recognize that you do belong, and you are good enough, even if others didn’t give you the validation you needed in the past.

This energy continues through the end of the month and by the 31st, your clarity and perspective are aided by sextiles between Chiron in Aries and both the South Node in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius. By this time, even dramatic and unexpected changes will more clearly serve your wisdom and growth in more obvious ways, helping you close a door on one chapter and opening another.

Taurus Horoscope:
Owl Spirit Animal & The Moon

Owl Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
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A sense of things to come.

Your intuition is empowered this month, and it’s no wonder. Between Owl working with you and a steady lineup of planets triggering aspects in your natal sign.

Your sensual nature leads you to prefer putting your trust in information that you can perceive in practical, concrete ways. But Owl is working with you this month, so it’s time to lean into your psychic senses and trust what you receive through your higher wisdom and intuitive antenna.

This may not come easily to you, Taurus. This is to say, intuitive guidance comes easily to you. Trusting it is another matter altogether. Your dreams may be more prophetic this month. Attune yourself to the cycles of the lunar phase now. Pay attention to cycles in all things now as well.

Owl knows how to change perspective and maintain a bigger vision, while also not losing sight of the smaller details. Trust your own radar now and when you start to question your instincts, meditate on Owl’s wisdom and invite Owl to work with you.

Let Owl help you sharpen your discretion and fine-tune your senses. You may be surprised to see how effective your higher guidance really is.

The month begins with the Sun and Uranus in conjunction in Taurus. At the same time, the Moon and Mercury are also in conjunction in later degrees of Taurus. May kicks off with dramatic changes that can impact your career, finances, or sense of security. Even amidst challenges, your communication with others and connection to both friends and loved ones are in the spotlight.

This lineup continues until the fourth when Mercury enters Gemini. During this initial first week in the month, Saturn in Aquarius remains in a square with the Sun in Taurus, at times also forming a square to Uranus. On the third, the Moon passes by Aquarius and adds emotional intensity to the mix.

During this time, you may learn news that challenges your sense of security at work or changes what you believe about traditions or aspects of your culture that have been important to you in the past. You may even feel like your very identity is being challenged now.

Yet this is an important time to set aside ego and try to let the changes taking shape all around you help to inspire you to think about what your priorities really are. What seems like a disappointment or loss at first may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Around this time, on the 4th and 5th, Pluto in Capricorn is forming a trine with Mercury and Venus in Taurus. A deeper transformation awaits you now. If your career doesn’t reflect what you value, it will become unsustainable for you emotionally. If you’ve been sidestepping increasing doubts about work, relationships, or any other aspect of your life, your justifications will ring particularly hollow now.

The Moon and Jupiter are also forming a square to Mercury and Uranus around the 4th and 5th as well. Whatever stressors and changes were getting under your skin in previous days will now seem to be exaggerated and projected out on a larger scale.

This can be painful but is actually a time for you to reckon with what your fears are really trying to show you; it’s time for a change. Not your favorite word, and probably not your favorite concept. You prefer to stick with your plans for the long haul. But this month begins with a deep reckoning that is bound to hit home on some level.

Try to stay open to considering your many options. Don’t convince yourself that you’re trapped.

Saturn continues to square the Sun and Uranus by the sixth, while Venus in Taurus comes into a direct trine with Pluto in Capricorn at this time. A relationship that has been wavering on the edge will now face a final transformation. It will be sink or swim in love or business or both now. If the status quo is to be maintained, dramatic changes must take place.

If it is best to let go and move on, this too will be abundantly clear by around the tenth. When Venus enters Gemini, you may feel more centered on a new perspective.

By the 16th, the Sun and Pluto are in a trine to each other, with the Sun being in your sign. At this time as well, Venus, your planetary ruler, is conjunct the North Node in Gemini. You may feel a sudden awakening or calling to come out of your comfort zone and dramatically reinvent yourself.
For the duration of this month, Uranus in your sign of Taurus remains in a square to Saturn in Aquarius. You may continue to go through a process of refining your plans about finances. A disruptive change that impacts your work or sense of self may also continue to challenge you. Take the time to find your center now. You are more than the work you do or the money in your bank account, and you may need continued reminders of this.

By the 28th, Venus is conjunct Mercury in Gemini and both are making a square to Neptune in Pisces. Your relationships can be helped now by clear and concise communication. At the same time, you may need to struggle through some self-imposed confusion. Projecting your dreams and fantasies onto others will only get in the way of healing your relationships now.

Gemini Horoscope:
Owl Spirit Animal & Oracle Card INVERTED

owl oracle spirit animal horoscope inverted 300x471
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Wisdom or warning?

Owl is guiding you this month, Gemini, yet the gifts and lessons from this majestic creature are not fully being embraced. Thus, the inverted card in a reading signifies the potential hovering on the horizon, swooping down into your life if only you can reach out and receive the guidance now.

Your plans and ideas may need to percolate a bit this month. Let thoughts simmer before jumping into action. Acting prematurely can come back to bite you, especially with Mercury going retrograde at the end of this month. Owl showing up in your reading, in an inverted position, suggests that ideas may need to be rehashed again and again to crystallize in your mind now.

Though your intuition is active now, a necessary ingredient is patience. The earliest signal of wisdom being imparted or even of a warning on the horizon may be one of many clues. Resist the urge to grab one piece of the puzzle and sound the alarm, believing you’ve pieced together the entire picture.

Likewise, your communicative style, usually one of your greatest gifts, may need some adjustment this month in order to avoid spreading rumors or unsubstantiated claims. Even ideas that aren’t fully developed can bring chaos, so take to explore your ideas from various angles before spreading your message now.

There is much activity in your sign this month, so the coming transits can bring plenty of excitement for you. Staying grounded and taking a lesson from Owl messenger can be doubly important now.

On May 3rd, your ruling planet Mercury enters Gemini. This can kick off a period of sharper mental focus and agility. This can also make you feel overstimulated mentally. Be careful not to get your signals crossed, especially when important communications are at play.

A few days later, on May 8th, Venus enters Gemini as well. Matters of love, personal connection, and even finance and business may become more intellectual. You may do well to connect with loved ones through shared interests in media, movies, culture, and even through shared ideas and plans.

Emotional connection may be a bit more challenging this month, so be patient with yourself and others. Inspiring others as a creative muse will help you in matters of love and attraction now.

Plans for the future of your business or financial life may also be under the microscope now. Be open to adapting your strategy and addressing your financial goals with several potential plans, but also be careful to not overthink and confuse matters.

On the 11th, Mercury comes into conjunction with the North Node, and this can be an exciting time of intellectual breakthroughs. You may feel a sudden epiphany that opens new doors and allows you to expand beyond your comfort zone. A sudden realization may lead you to plan for dramatic changes in your career path as well. This conjunction also sits at a trine from Saturn in Aquarius. Even disruptive and unexpected changes will seem to work to your advantage now.

The 13th through 16th brings a lineup of planets in your sign including Venus, Mercury, and the Moon. Your creativity may spike and your talents and diplomacy go a long way in relationships.

Later this month, on May 20th, the Sun enters Gemini and joins Venus, Mercury, and the North Node in your sign. You may feel a burst of personal energy and excitement now, as your Solar Return approaches.

On May 21st, the Sun comes into a square with Jupiter in Pisces, just as the Sun is entering Gemini. You may have to contend with miscommunications, misinformation, or illusions masquerading as intuition today. Take the time to clear your active mind. Your intuition is valid, yet today it will be far too easy to become distracted by fantasies that are born of wishful thinking and not your intuition. This same issue or a similar matter of being seduced by fantasy, not logic or intuition, can resurface again around the 26th when Mercury comes into a square with Neptune in Pisces.

On May 23 Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius begins and may lead you to revisit plans that were in place last year between May and September. Take your time even in the midst of excitement and inspiration, you may want to reserve judgment before making major life changes if you have the option.

On May 26, the Full Moon in Sagittarius will expand your mind and help you find greater confidence in your gifts and talents, but only if you first work through insecurities. You may have an opportunity that you doubt or second-guess at first. Give yourself a chance to dream big.

On May 29 Mercury Retrograde begins in Gemini. This Mercury Retrograde may have a dramatic impact on you because it involves both your Sun Sign and planetary ruler. Slow down and make sure your plans and messaging are clear and targeted. Take additional time while traveling and don’t expect electronics to work the way they are supposed to, at least not at first. Be patient with yourself and understanding of others.

You may have to revisit past plans that you thought were resolved. You may assume that others understood your intentions or plans, only to be surprised to find that you are not on the same page after all.

Cancer Horoscope:
Emu Spirit Animal & Oracle Card INVERTED

emu oracle spirit animal horoscope inverted 300x471
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Conserve your creative energy.

Emu is working with you as a guide now. This unusually large and fast bird has an unforgettable appearance. Emu reminds you to be adaptable and to maintain boundaries. Emu is an expert at evading predators.

Part of maintaining healthy boundaries may require you to look carefully at how you are using your energy, especially your nurturing and creative energy. In this month’s reading, the Emu card appears inverted, suggesting adjustments need to be made for you to really embrace Emu’s message.

You may be led to examine how you need to use your swift instincts and adaptable, creative talents. Are you avoiding standing up for yourself? Are you dodging deeper issues that require your full attention?

Emu may be guiding you to new heights now, but you may be resistant to hearing the message. What are you trying to avoid? What are you trying to protect?

When you can set aside your defenses, you may be surprised to discover that setting boundaries in new ways can work wonders to conserve your energy. Having firm expectations can help you protect your interests, particularly in regards to family, plans, and business.

Much of the astrological transits taking place this month impact your neighboring sign, Gemini. Yet your energy may also be triggered by a few key movements related to signs that correspond closely with yours. Of importance are the aspects with Pluto in Capricorn, your opposing sign, and aspects to Jupiter and Neptune in your fellow Water Sign, Pisces.

Mars transiting your sign through this month can bring you greater physical energy. This transit can help you find a connection with Emu as an Animal Messenger, as you may feel more energized and protective of your interests now.

You may have to revisit lessons related to your ambitions and may become more defensive over your family, loved ones, money, or home. As you are being self-protective, be careful to not become too overreactive.

On the 2nd, your ruling planet, the Moon, passes into a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. During this time and the days that follow, you may have to face up to emotional wounds related to past losses. Some aspect of your career, or a family tradition or other practice that usually makes you feel secure, is now under scrutiny. Rather than hiding from the pain and discomfort, go with the process of digging deeper. You may release deep insecurities now.

The third through the fifth of this month brings a brief conjunction between the Moon and Saturn in Aquarius followed by Jupiter in Aquarius. Intuition and dramatic breakthroughs and exciting changes can be unleashed now.

On the 6th, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is in Aries in a square to Mars in your sign of Cancer. You may have to revisit past wounds or traumas related to feeling alienated from your family or come to terms with having to nurture yourself at a time when you needed others. Try to seek empowerment through this healing. This square is maintained until the 17th and also sees the Moon forming a conjunction first with Chiron and then Mars by the end of this time frame, so a process of deep introspection and reflection may be in order.

On the 11th, the New Moon in Taurus may trigger your desire for security. Take some time to pamper yourself in new ways. Start a new routine related to your health or commit to a plan to nurture yourself in more practical, material, and concrete ways in the coming month.

On the 14th, Jupiter enters Pisces. This can kick off a series of new and fortunate opportunities for you in the coming months. You may go through a dramatic process of psychic awakening or spiritual transformation. You may also have a chance to

The 21st through the 23rd may feel emotionally draining and tumultuous. The Moon will come into conflicting aspects with several planets. First Neptune, then Pluto, then Uranus. During this week, you may repeated conflicts related to business, money, financial plans, and misunderstandings between that which you think is guaranteed but which is not.

A few days later, on the 26th, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius may call you to close the door for good on one chapter of your life so that you can expand in new directions. At this time, resist holding on to past promises or plans. Something new is brewing now, be open to expanding in different directions and transcending the limitations from the past.

Leo Horoscope:
Rat Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

rat spirit animal horoscope 300x471
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A time for creativity and resourcefulness.

Though you’re used to walking tall, confident Leo, even the grand Lion can learn a few lessons from the comparatively small Rat. Rat is working with you this month, scurrying into your life to remind you of the importance of being creative and resourceful.

You may have hit a rut in your career or personal life. A penchant for enjoying the finer things in life may also lead you to overspend. But putting your…. Rats… in a row may be important this month. Let Rat help you plot a course to success by showing you how to scour through the finer details and get down to business. Rat knows how to help you protect your own interests in finance, career, or personal life.

While you aim for the sky, keep an eye on the ground as well so that you don’t lose your footing now.

This month is marked for you astrologically by a ripple effect from drama taking shape in your opposite sign, Aquarius. Paying attention to aspects between both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and other transiting planets will be important for you now.

In particular, Saturn will come into a few important aspects with other planets. The month kicks off with a lucky trine between Saturn and the Moon’s North Node in Gemini, so you may come into the month feeling destined to follow a new path in your career. Surprising changes won’t shake your confidence but will more likely make you feel as if you are advancing toward your destiny.

At the same time, Saturn is also forming a square with the Sun in Taurus. Since the Sun is your planetary ruler, you’ll feel the ripple effect of this intense transit. Yet since the Sun moves quickly, these effects will be relatively brief. You may have a hiccup in your finances or personal sense of security the first few days of the month.

Yet if you remain confident in your talents and creativity, you’ll soon find ways to pivot and come out on top regardless of initial challenges.

Also from the first to around the 8th, the Sun is in conjunction in Taurus with both Uranus and Venus. You may be in store for some surprises in your personal life. Romance and personal relationships can be enhanced by unusual news or startling and dramatic changes. The best way to describe this week is volatile, especially in love and finance. Yet this doesn’t mean bad.

Even the tumultuous changes may lead to needed breakthroughs and greater understanding and collaboration with colleagues and loved ones.

The eleventh through the twenty-first or so brings another round of exciting and tumultuous energy, though. Saturn maintains a positive trine with the North Node throughout this time, so remember that any shocking or challenging changes can ultimately serve your evolution and growth.

On the eleventh, Saturn squares both the Sun and Uranus in Taurus. Unusual revelations can surface, bringing a need for greater awareness of what makes you feel secure. You may be thinking of business, money, and career in a limited way, and this transit brings to light any unsustainable assumptions or routines you’ve been following.

The remainder of this timeframe will seem like a “relay race” in which Saturn trines first the Moon around the 13th, then Mercury, Venus, and then back to the North Node.

On the 22nd, the Sun in Gemini comes into a square with Jupiter, now entering Pisces. You may have strong ideals and vivid dreams now, but this is an important time to remain clear about your mission. Daydreams, imagination, and fantasies can fuel your ambitions, but this is not the time to lose yourself in wishful thinking without connecting the dots between the initial idea and necessary actions.

Be sure to take the time to discern what your opportunities really are before becoming too complacent.

Two interesting transits take place on the 24th. The Moon in Scorpio comes into opposition with Uranus in Taurus at the same time that the Sun in Gemini is in a continued square to Jupiter in the early degrees of Pisces.

If you haven’t worked through fantasies and wishful thinking to get clear about your potential choices now, further confusion and even self-delusion can be intensified now. Take the time to untangle your feelings and ambitions so you don’t distract yourself from actual opportunities to succeed.

What you desire or feel is meant to be on an intuitive level may not match up with concrete evidence in front of you. Are you sure you’re following your intuition? Or have you convinced yourself that things are meant to go your way even amidst all evidence to the contrary? If you set aside ego now, you can find the clarity you need to navigate unusual changes that can impact your career or financial standing.

On the 28th through the 30th, the Sun comes into conjunction with the Moon’s North Node in Gemini. As the month winds to a close, you may have stronger convictions and clarity about a new path you must take. Creativity and collaboration are likely to be part of your growth and evolution now.

Virgo Horoscope:
Snakes Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

Snakes Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
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Renewal and regeneration.

Snakes can send shockwaves as these creatures trigger our primal fears. Yet perhaps this is because we fear what Snake represents- the mysteries, the unknown, and even our own power.

Practical and efficient Virgo, you’re being guided by the mystical and ancient power of Snakes this month. Before you panic, remember that Snakes are a potent symbol. And what’s better than one Snake? Multiple Snakes! Just recall the hair of powerful Medusa, the Goddess of Healing with Snakes for hair.

Your sign is a humble healer and servant, so it is no surprise Snakes are eager to work with you this month. You may have an opportunity to undergo dramatic healing and personal transformation. In typical Virgo form, as you engage in your own process of transformation, you’re likely to inspire healing and change in those around you.

On the first through 10th, your planetary ruler Mercury will be leaving the sign of Taurus and forming a lucky trine to Pluto in Capricorn. This is particularly helpful to you because not only is Mercury your ruling planet, but the signs involved are your fellow earth signs.

Plans related to securing your foundation- particularly in matters of money, finance, and career- can become crystal clear now as you finally face something that has been making you insecure or fearful. Dealing with hidden feelings dredged up to the surface now can liberate you to face transformation in your career.

On the 10th through the 18th, Mercury will be in a favorable trine to another planetary big hitter, this time Saturn and not Pluto. Saturn in Aquarius trine Mercury in Gemini brings exciting epiphanies and changes to your beliefs, perceptions, and ideas that can again help you to feel liberated in some dramatic ways.

On the 20th through the end of the month, Mercury will be in close conjunction with Venus as they travel together through Gemini. Diplomatic communications are highlighted and your love life can receive a boost. You may find that your attraction energy is accelerated as well.

The 20th to about the 24th can be a time of confusion and frustration as well as Mercury is in a square to Neptune in Pisces. Pisces is your opposing sign and is every bit as amorphic and psychic as you are concrete and rational. Don’t make assumptions in these days leading to Mercury’s retrograde shift. It may seem as if the retrograde begins early for you because issues will be triggered that require you to work harder to figure out what is real and what is a product of your emotions, fears, or fantasies.

This can be a time of higher intuition and creativity, but you may have to work harder to bypass your logical defenses and channel your creativity in helpful ways.

On the 30th, Mercury begins retrograde movement again, this time in Gemini. This can be an unsettling period for you as you prefer to express Mercury’s intellectual energy in practical and grounded ways. Mercury retrograde in Gemini can be flighty, erratic, and can make you feel a bit absent-minded.

Try to keep yourself grounded in the weeks ending May and entering June.

Libra Horoscope:
Crowned Sifaka Spirit Animal & Oracle Card INVERTED

crowned sifaka oracle spirit animal horoscope inverted 300x471
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Take big strides forward.

This month, the rare Crowned Sifaka is working with you, though the card drawn inverted in your reading suggests there may be barriers to work through to heed the unique call of this special lemur.

Crowned Sifaka lives in groups in remote areas of Madagascar. They love navigating through trees and blend the best of the Air and Earth elements. You may have new opportunities to confidently move forward, growing in leaps and bounds this month.

But in order to do so, you may need to make adjustments to your beliefs, expectations, or plans. Are you really being held back by external circumstances? Or are you waiting for everything to be just “perfect” before you take that leap of faith?

Now is not the time to procrastinate, Libra. As much as you prefer to have the reassurance of a partner or friend before taking risks, this month Crowned Sifaka is helping you to summon your courage and decisiveness. When it seems like you’re on your own, remember that Animal Guides are working with you.

Step into your power and step up to a challenge as if you knew everything would work in your favor.

May begins with your ruling planet, Venus, in a lineup in Taurus. Though Venus is in approaching a conjunction with Mercury, there is a wide orb at this time and so not technically a conjunction. The same is true for the Sun and Uranus, also in Taurus.

Yet even though Venus is not huddled close to these planets, the heavy concentration in Taurus in early May places emphasis on material matters in your life. Money, comfort, wealth, personal luxuries, all will seem to be the solution to your problems. But are they? Uranus as part of this mix will continually shake things up now, challenging you to ask yourself what physical manifestations of your goals are really the most valuable.

Will you really feel better when you’re bank account reflects a specific balance? Will the new house or apartment really improve things? Is the new car, new outfit, or seeing a creative art project to completion really the marker of fulfillment you think it is?

Perhaps it is, but you may be surprised to see how your expectations and beliefs about what is most valuable change in this first week in May. Take stock of the important lessons about what you need in order to feel secure.

Also, taking a page from the book of the Crowned Sifaka, you may be feeling a little more territorial than usual at the beginning of this month, with all these planets moving through Taurus. Don’t forget, though, part of your mission is creating harmony. Try to not get caught up in hoarding treasures even if those around you are triggering fear of lack. At the same time, know your worth and stand up for what you earned and deserve now.

On the sixth, Venus in Taurus comes into a lucky trine with Pluto in Capricorn. Though trines are fortunate aspects, this may still feel like a challenging time. The purpose of this aspect is to make it easier to release, yet this also requires you to face up to a loss or change that you were previously resisting.

If it is time to move on from a relationship or career path, you’ll know beyond the shadow of a doubt now. Letting go can be the hardest part, but this aspect can bring powerful transformation and a sense that you’ve finally released a weight from your shoulders.

You may also gain profound insight into what you really value, and this epiphany can awaken you to pursuing a new path, especially in your career. You may realize that a tradition or routines based on the past no longer serve you. Let this be a time of personal transformation as you permit yourself to rise above limitations.

By the tenth, Venus enters Gemini, and with this new resolution to let go and make peace with a dramatic change, you may be feeling carefree and able to focus on creative matters. Collaborations with friends and peers can be fruitful around this time as Venus is approaching a conjunction with the North Node. You may feel intellectually drawn to friends who heavily influence your next steps in career.

On the 20th through the 30th, Venus will move steadily to form a conjunction with Mercury in Gemini, while also forming a trine to Saturn in Aquarius for much of this time. This can bring even more radical insights and epiphanies. You may have breakthroughs that change how you see your friends, loved ones, and even how you think about beauty, art, and money.

Be open to having your expectations challenged now and draw from this new awareness to fuel your creativity and set new ground rules. You may feel unexpectedly liberated by a discovery or a new social group may open your eyes to a new perspective that charges up your sense of mission and purpose.

By the 30th, Venus is back in alignment with Pluto, though this time Venus is in Gemini while Pluto remains in Capricorn. The aspect now is a quincunx, which is not as easy flowing as the trine earlier this month. Whatever you felt empowered to release earlier this month may resurface in some way. You may now feel subconscious insecurities rising to the surface in the form of doubts and second-guessing yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up now. Whatever doubts are lingering represent a deeper lesson that you need to resolve in order to truly find your power and advance. If you were downplaying the emotional impact of a change or loss, for example, this aspect may remind you that change isn’t easy, and you aren’t expected to get it “perfect” or save face. This doesn’t mean you made the wrong move. It just means the process is more complicated and you may need to give yourself permission to feel into the uncomfortable emotions beneath the surface so that you can resolve the issue at hand.

At this time, Mars in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn. You may have to contend with some inner judgment about tradition, family, or home in order to make peace with the loss or change in progress. Yet when you take the time to unpack this issue thoroughly, you’ll find freedom, motivation, courage, and focus now that you’ve released what no longer serves your growth.

By the 30th and 31st, Venus has come into a conjunction with Mercury, now retrograde, and is moving on closer to the final degrees of Gemini. Revisiting a past wound or unfinished business related to a change or loss is essential now, but don’t worry about becoming stuck. This is part of a process and one of the steps for you to take now is to clarify your ideas and communication about where you want to go next.

To know where you’re going, you have to understand where you’ve been. Delve into the past as a compass to help you realize what led to certain decisions, but then let it be a learning opportunity, not a reason to doubt yourself in the future.

Scorpio Horoscope:
Komodo Dragon Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

Komodo Dragon Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
Animalscopes images from award winning, best selling “The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck”. Click to buy your copy NOW!, now!

Time for rebirth and change.

Komodo Dragon, a fascinating creature with ancient roots, is working with you this month. This can mean you are being guided toward a much-needed change in your life. Ever the determined one, you may be hanging on to a goal with great tenacity, planning just how you’ll move mountains to succeed.

Yet Komodo Dragon working with you this month suggests you may be missing bigger and better opportunities if you don’t release your fixation on having only one path to success. Your destiny may not be what you expected, but that doesn’t mean you are lost. In fact, you may be closer than you think.

This month, Komodo Dragon is helping you to delve deep into your subconscious and usher in a transformative personal change that empowers you to take measures toward rebirth in your mundane life. A new career, a change in residence, a new relationship, life-changing milestones are on the horizon now and Komodo Dragon is trying to help you prepare.

Pay attention to your intuition now. Sometimes your willpower helps you accomplish your goals, yet other times it can stand in your way. Be open to unexpected synchronicities.

This month, you’ll be impacted by the ripple effect from activity in Taurus as your sign is also a Fixed Sign. Your planetary rulers, Pluto and Mars, will also help facilitate needed changes especially to home, business, and family relationships.

The month kicks off with Pluto in a conjunction with the Moon in Capricorn, trine Mercury in Taurus. This month can feel like it starts off with intense energy. Sentimental desires have to be balanced with practical realities in the present. As the saying goes, “you can’t go home again.” Coming to terms with a dramatic change or loss may be a reminder that you can’t change the past but you can allow for deeper transformation to help you get on track for a better future.

Making peace with a loss that challenged your security or sense of tradition is important now. Your financial status may be impacted by this change as well. Acknowledge your fears but don’t get carried away with thinking the worst. You have a chance to rebuild from the ground up now, make the best of it.

Your message or even your sense of mission may be part of this transformation and new awakening. What you thought was set in stone may prove to be more elastic than you realized. Draw on your intuition and higher wisdom to help you navigate needed changes.

Around the fourth through the eighth, the message of preparing for unprecedented change is echoed again. This time because of a square between Saturn in Aquarius (another Fixed Sign that will reverberate to your Natal Sun Sign) and both Uranus and the Sun in Taurus.

This can be a tense time filled with difficult conflicts related to your higher vision and the material world in which you are trying to manifest this vision. This could feel like having intense inspiration to paint, only to find that most of your paints have dried up. It doesn’t mean you can’t bring your vision into the material world, it just means you’ll have to jump through a few extra hoops in order to accomplish your goals.

In the process of doing this, however, you may also discover that some aspects of your plan work and some are less aligned with what is truly most important to you now. Don’t be afraid to make further adjustments as you go. Most importantly, resist the urge to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

A sudden change during this time may actually prove to be a blessing in disguise, revealing what would have only been a roadblock in the future. Be open to pivoting on your journey.

From the 8th until about the 18th, Mars in Cancer forms a square to the Wounded Healer, Chiron, in Aries. Past traumas and wounds related to feeling alienated or persecuted for being who you are may resurface during this time. An important facet of examining these wounds and healing will have to do with questions of how you find security and emotional healing.

You may have to be your own nurturer, parent, or caregiver to your Inner Child now. Take this responsibility seriously and you’ll find greater empowerment and stronger intuition as a result. Yet if you overlook this process or try to fight through it without really doing the healing work, you may feel continually frustrated by deeper fears and insecurities projected onto others.

On the 16th through the 20th, Pluto forms a trine to the Sun in Taurus, just as the Sun finishes the transit through this sign and enters into Gemini. In this time frame, how you define yourself and how you carry your power and authority may be under the spotlight.

This can be an important time to own your authority but also to accept change and transformation involving a new image. The image you may be called to embrace may be practical, earthy, healing, and nurturing. Your image in career or business may go through a transformation now as well.

By the 20th, the planetary lineup in Taurus shifts to Gemini, leaving behind only Uranus. You may feel as if a burden has been lifted, and conflicts you’ve been wrestling with may now give way to ideas that you can work with as you craft your next steps.

Be open to surprises and changes of course even still, especially in career. On the 25th, Saturn in Aquarius comes into a square with Uranus in Taurus. This square will repeat throughout the year and will continually cause surprises to erupt that impact finances, health, and business, serving as a catalyst for you to step back and evaluate your top priorities.

Mars in Cancer forms a trine to Neptune in Pisces on the 28th lasting through early June. This can give a boost to your intuition and psychic awareness and can help you resolve emotional wounds on a deeper level. Also, a great time for romance, creativity, and spiritual pursuits.

Sagittarius Horoscope:
Silkworm Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

silkworm spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Silkworm represents Protection, Wealth, & Sensuality! Discover the Silkworm’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Creating your future.

You have no problem gallantly running to embrace your dreams, Sagittarius. Always a big thinker, you sometimes overlook power in the smaller details. Luckily, Silkworm is here to remind you that grand gestures matter, but so do small acts of spinning, shaping, and crafting your future.

Silkworm has great symbolic significance and represents the power of small gestures and small steps that lead to big breakthroughs. Your idealism creates fertile ground for changes on the horizon and you can weave a powerful path to transforming your future by heeding the lessons of the tiny Silkworm.

Let Silkworm inspire and influence you to draw on your inner resources and create works of beauty and value. This may be the perfect time to create a project that shows your skill and talents and also serves as an inspiration to others.

This can also be a great time for enhancing your attraction energy and manifesting abundance by following your ideals and working with your intuition and creative talents. Lunar energy is working in your favor now, be open to prophetic dreams and get in touch with your Divine Feminine nature.

May third until about the fifth, your ruling planet Jupiter in Aquarius is in a square to Mercury in Taurus. You may have grand plans and big dreams, as you always do, but during this time frame, practical limitations warrant your attention.

Don’t let frustrations repel you from acting on your higher wisdom and vision, but be prepared to make adjustments to your plans. You may have a slight financial hurdle now or your career may be challenged by unexpected news. Yet within a few days, you can gain a new perspective that actually leads you to success. Don’t put the finishing touches on a plan of action until you’ve adapted your plans and considered a few different angles.

Around the 14th, Jupiter enters into Pisces and may leave you feeling a sense of relief but also more reflective and emotional than usual. You don’t like feeling emotional and vulnerable, though, so while this could bring the onset of a new phase of intuitive power, spiritual connection, and greater empathy, you may feel it starting off as a time of emotional reckoning.

Dive deeper into your emotional side now and you’ll find a well of creativity, intuition, empathy for others, and even imagination and romance. Your dreams may become more prophetic. You may also feel like your empathic nature is expanding and encompassing greater causes.

Your philosophical nature can also stir your creativity now. You may become more impressionable or more concerned with the emotional wellbeing of others now. You may feel sentimental and teary now. Go with it, emotional clearing can help your healing process.

Around the 21st through the 24th, Jupiter in Pisces forms a square to the Sun in Gemini. You may feel tension brewing between your dreams and idealistic vision, and your more logical, rational side. If you’re trying to stretch too far, too soon, your plans won’t take shape as well as they could otherwise. Don’t give up but do step into the larger process and let things flow at their own pace now. You may need to let the seeds you are planting take root before rushing to the next phase.

Patience doesn’t always come easy to you but remember the lessons from Silkworm now and nurture your creative energies.

On the 26th, the Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs at the same time as a trine between Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. This can be a fortunate time for manifestation and attraction for you. Your ideals and vision can expand in new directions now and your practical ideas and plans can be projected on a much broader scale.

You may also find lucky breaks as you encounter influential people in positions of power now. This can be a good time to fine-tune your plans and dream big, don’t limit yourself because of doubts or insecurities. Your message and vision can reach a broader audience now.

Intuition and creativity are feeding your plans now and this can be a great time to make art, creative writing, or spiritually inspired messages. Make sure your actions are aligned with your highest ideals now.

The 20th through the end of the month will feature a number of planets in Gemini, your opposing sign. The Sun, Venus, Mercury, and at various points the Moon join the Moon’s North Node in Gemini. This can lead you to have to face conflicts between your immediate plans and higher ideals and beliefs. You will need to find a balance between conviction and diplomacy.

Communication with loved ones, peers, and romantic interests will all be in the spotlight during this time as well. You may have to sort out miscommunications and find clarity with partners and loved ones before assuming others are on the same page as you. Be sure to find this clarity before the 30th, as Mercury retrograde in Gemini will only serve to further confuse matters.

Jupiter transiting Pisces as Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini in your opposing sign can serve to further blur the lines between fantasy and reality. Try to keep yourself grounded and don’t promise more than you can deliver.

Capricorn Horoscope:
Coyote Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

coyote spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Coyote represents The Moon, Humor, & Truth! Discover the Coyote’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Breaking through illusions.

When Coyote comes calling, it can be a fascinating time of change. Even more so when Coyote sneaks into your life, Capricorn. You are concrete and practical, so you’ll likely appreciate Coyote’s mission of removing illusions and helping you to confront the truth.

Yet Coyote is also a powerful Trickster and this energy may baffle you. Yet this is likely only because you need the exact medicine Coyote is bringing into your life. You tend to take matters- and yourself- very seriously.

Coyote may be gracefully walking into your life to help you slip on the occasional banana peel so you can remember how to laugh, even if you have to laugh at yourself first.

You may be so busy working and toiling away to even remember the last time you had a good belly laugh. You may be focused on your responsibilities and neglecting the need for joy and humor in your life. Perhaps this is exactly why this powerful Animal Guide is coming into your life.

Legend speaks of Coyote stealing Fire for humankind. How do you have to find your spark of light and passion now, Capricorn? Don’t be afraid to use your creativity not only for your own gain but for the benefit of your family and community.

This month, the two most prominent transits involve Pluto in your sign of Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius coming into various aspects with other planets.

The month kicks off with Pluto in final degrees of Capricorn coming into conjunction with the Moon as she passes by en route to Aquarius. This conjunction on the 2nd can bring up sentimental matters related to family and home, but may also carry a message of your need to let go and your need to embrace transformation.

You’re not a big fan of change, Capricorn, but using your sense of humor and playful nature can help you navigate the tumultuous changes now.

Around the second through the eighth, Saturn in Aquarius is in a conflictual square to both Uranus and the Sun in Taurus. This can be a time of frustration and tension for you, especially as news you weren’t expecting has a tumultuous impact on your career and financial stability.

Don’t cling to tradition now. This is an important time to let go and be open to change. It isn’t easy for you, being an Earth Sign tied to tradition, but Coyote as an Animal Guide is helping you to revisit your plans and take different perspectives.

Saturn in Aquarius comes into a square with the Moon passing through Taurus on the 11th, and this can again dredge up fears or insecurities related to your desire to hold on to the past. You may feel more emotionally attached to your business plans or financial plans, but this is not the time to define yourself by such external markers of power or stability.

Around the 13th through 17th, Saturn will trine Mercury in Gemini. This can be an easier time for you to embrace new ideas and adjust your thinking and paradigm. What initially seemed too radical or extreme may now suddenly sound like a good creative option for you. Try to apply these new ideas about society and the world to your practical life in business and service to others.

Saturn then comes into a trine with Venus in Gemini on the 19th until about the 23rd. Unusual people may be attractive to you and attracted to you. You may suddenly find a personal mission in sticking up for the underdog. A loved one or partner may reveal some unusual news that helps you understand others’ perspectives in a new way. Shocking revelations help you advance toward your goals rather than becoming obstacles.

On the 23rd, Saturn begins retrograde motion in Aquarius, and you may be called to revisit important issues that came to the surface in May-September of 2020. Issues related to your beliefs and attitudes about society, your social network, friendships, or your role in grassroots organizations may all be in the spotlight now. Time to revisit past issues and create lasting change.

Around the 24th through the end of the month, Saturn in Aquarius trines the North Node in Gemini. This is an important time for you to move toward your destiny by trusting your intuition and instincts. Ideas that are unusual, new, or unorthodox may not make complete rational sense now but you’ll have a deep instinctual drive to move toward embracing new community and groups of friends who help shape your perspective and guide you closer toward your destiny.

Aquarius Horoscope:
Hummingbird Spirit Animal & 4 of Wands

Hummingbird Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
Animalscopes images from award winning, best selling “The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck”. Click to buy your copy NOW!, now!

Finding joy and harmony.

Hummingbird, like the 4 of Wands, is a beacon of harmony. Hummingbird flitting into your life this month can signal the need for optimism and joy. You may have a chance to share your message in a lighthearted and playful way. You may also have a chance to enjoy more of the sweetness in life, taking time for creativity and pleasure, even as you dedicate yourself to your humanitarian work.

Though there are many challenging aspects this month that can impact your communication, if you take the time to work with Hummingbird now you can keep the flow of energy and connection to others vibrant and positive. Don’t take yourself too seriously now. Aim for diplomacy and nurturing. You can prove your point of view with no problem, but this month, the greater priority is keeping a positive morale among your friends and within your social network.

The biggest transits that impact you this month will be the numerous aspects to Saturn in your sign of Aquarius and also the aspects between your planetary ruler, Uranus, and other planets.

Through most of the month, Saturn in Aquarius is in a square to Uranus in Taurus, though the square becomes exact on the 24th, just after Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius. A repeating theme through the month may be disruptive surprises that shakedown your financial foundation and challenge your notions of “normal” work environments or career stability.

Though these issues will remain prominent through the month, they may seem to rise to a crescendo around the 24th. Saturn’s retrograde motion in your sign may lead you to have to carefully reconsider and unpack issues that were prominent in your life a year ago, in May through September of 2020.

Just when you think you’re on solid ground, a new surprise or plot twist throws you off course. Don’t be discouraged now. Changes underway are helping to lead you closer to your mission, even if the circumstances end up dramatically different from what you were expecting.

Saturn in Aquarius comes into a square with the Moon in Taurus on the 11th, and this can bring excitement and drama as you navigate toward financial and career goals. You may have to make decisions regarding career or money that fly in the face of tradition. Being unconventional, you’re no stranger to breaking the with the past, yet you may have had plans that run counter to your current options. Try to make the best of the situation you are facing, remember that you can always expand on the progress you make.

Around the 13th through 17th, Saturn will trine Mercury in Gemini. You may become restless as this intense energy provokes your creative side and leads to a number of epiphanies and new ideas. Don’t spin too far away from center now, you may be tempted to overcommit yourself, try to focus on the most important tasks at hand.

Saturn trines Venus in Gemini on the 19th until about the 23rd. Your love of all things strange and unusual will be accentuated now and friends who are of a like mind or share your unconventional style may come out of the woodwork. This is also a great time for communication, love, and relationships. Feel free to be unapologetically true to your nature now, others will appreciate you for it.

On the 23rd, Saturn retrograde begins in Aquarius and you may have to wax nostalgic about the old days from May to September of 2020, for it will certainly feel like this time is already ancient history. But it isn’t, and you have deeper lessons to uncover during this retrograde. Revisit the past to learn from things you didn’t analyze fully or couldn’t fully appreciate at the time. You may be well on your way to embracing a dramatically new paradigm based on an unorthodox worldview now.

Pisces Horoscope:
Minotaur Spirit Animal & Oracle Card INVERTED

minotaur oracle spirit animal horoscope inverted 300x471
Animalscopes images from award winning, best selling “The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck”. Click to buy your copy NOW!, now!

Untangling a maze of desires.

Minotaur is trying to work with you this month, though you may not fully be aware or feel ready to embrace the message from this important mythical creature.

What lies deep beneath your conscious awareness can bring important lessons that guide you now. Yet you may be tuning out intuition and opting instead to lose yourself in imagination and fantasy. Try to bridge the gap between your creative and intuitive sides.

Are you resisting your primal urges because you fear that your psyche holds a monstrous power you can’t control? Are you suppressing your intuition because you don’t fully understand your psychic gifts?

If you’ve been taught to vilify or fear the power of your Shadow side, you may be repressing your creativity and true strength. Like Minotaur finding his way through the labyrinth, you may have to trace the roots of your primal wisdom and learn to work with your powers, not fear them.

The most significant transits for you this month involve your planetary ruler, Neptune, in your sign of Pisces and the entry of Jupiter into your sign.

This month begins with Neptune in Pisces forming a sextile to Mercury in Taurus. Your creativity and imagination can fuel career success now. A new idea or concept can take shape leading you to an abundant new project that fuses your interests in healing, spirituality, and the arts. Trust your intuition as you communicate your vision to others now.

The sixth and seventh bring a conjunction between Neptune and the Moon in Pisces and this can heighten your psychic impulses, compassion, and intuition. Be open to an emotional clearing and cathartic event that helps you form a stronger bond with those you love.

Around the 14th, the lineup of planets in your fellow Mutable Sign of Gemini, including Venus, Mercury, the Moon, and the North Node (technically a point in the Moon’s orbit, not a planet) can intensify your desire to communicate with friends, socialize, travel and express yourself in writing.

On the 21st, the Moon in Virgo comes into an opposition with Neptune in Pisces and this may be an important time to gain your bearings and find balance between your imaginative side and your practical instincts. Channeling your inspired and psychic energy into mundane tasks and service to others can be fruitful now.

On the 22nd, Neptune comes into a square with Mercury in Gemini and remains in this aspect for several days. By the 27th, Venus is also squaring Neptune in Pisces. What you desire and how you convey your wishes may not be in alignment now. You may need to adjust your communication to convey your message now. You may also need to work to refine your approach so that you aren’t captivated by wishful thinking. Don’t disguise intuition for imagination now.

Around the 25th until the end of the month, Neptune makes a fortunate trine to Mars in Cancer. As you are working to sort out communication and issues of confusion and illusions, this is also a good time for you to bond with loved ones and create greater comfort and emotional healing in your home. Your business or career is again bolstered by creativity and spiritual ideals now. You may feel empowered to make decisions that bring greater harmony and emotional connection in family and home life as well.

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