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Below are the books, animal oracle, and animal tarot card decks I use as a professional psychic medium, tarot card reader, and animal communicator. These items can be extremely helpful if you want to develop your skills in any of these areas of divination. They are also wonderful additions to your reference library if you’re an aspiring or practicing shaman!

If you’re not a psychic or tarot reader but love connecting with your animal spirit guides, you can use the products below for meditation. By using these products to gain a broader understanding and meditating with the cards/books, you can deepen your soul connection to the natural and animal world. Often times, doing so can help facilitate emotional and mental healing of various kinds.

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Animal Oracle Cards & Tarot Card Decks

Animal Spirit Guide Books & Meditation CDs

There are a couple more oracle decks in this section. If you’re looking for meditation CDs, the #1 CD I recommend is “Journey Through The Chakras” by Colette Baron-Reid. Client and student feedback on this CD has been consistently AMAZING for many years. I listen to this CD every, single day!

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  1. Diana

    Last year I was stung by many bees and had allergic reaction just two days ago I was stung by one bee and nearly died from a severe allergic reaction there must be some reason or message from this experience

    • Hello, Diana;

      Yikes! That had to be scary. Sure hope you’re OK now!

      There are so many reasons our souls might choose to have such experiences. I believe in a thing called Sacred Contract. The idea is that, when we are on the other side, our souls work together in soul groups to “plan” opportunities for spiritual growth and development. So, whoever is your mom, dad, BFF, dog, cat, parakeet, in this life, might have played a different role in the last life.

      When we have an NDE (near death experience – when we die and are brought back to life) or ADE (almost death experience – when we almost experience literal dying) it affects SO many people. My opinion is that folks who chose to go through experiences such as the ones you’ve shared here, are souls who have a great desire to spiritually awaken at a very high level.

      Sure hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Diana

        Very very true thank you sincerely Diana

        • Hello, Diana!

          You are most welcome and thank you for visiting!

          Stay wild,

  2. Janelle

    What is my spirit animal name?

  3. Eva

    Whatis, is so fun and I feel as thought my spirit animal led me here.

    • Hello, again, again, Eva! LOL

      So happy you are enjoying the site! Thank you for visiting and commenting on!

      Stay wild,

  4. Eva


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