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  1. Ohwojeheri Onovughe Olekkay
    July 12, 2017

    Hi Ma’am , I Dream bought so many dogs for my home they wanted to follow me , and was trying to give them food, one was in my truck to look after it, but reality’s I am having a tough time, family very far from me ,I miss them they miss me no food for them mum very angry , other friends come to me eat all I have but just confused, tell me the meaning of the dream about dogs.

  2. jabir sekh
    July 29, 2017

    I know I have A sprit and it iS dragon sprit

  3. scarlett
    September 9, 2017

    hi i was born in november and i don’t know what my spirit animal is.

  4. Thomas Carroll
    September 11, 2017

    I know my Spirit Animal. I sat in a hogan with a shaman, Grey Fox of the Ute tribe (I am Irish, but have been adopted), he led me on my journey.

    My Spirit Animal is a large, grey wolf who stands 6 foot tall at the shoulder. He led me to many animals and had me ask them questions. I received many answers which have helped me in my life ever since.

    One thing Grey Fox told me that is very interesting. My Spirit Animal is known as the Grey One. He comes for those of the Ute tribe at death to carry their spirit gently to the west, and eternal rest.

    I thought that was quite interesting…..and a bit scary.

  5. lotuswind
    September 14, 2017

    Hi.. I have been searching about snakes linking to psychic phenomena for many months now. I began to have this curiosity after this animal began to appear after doing a divination a couple of years ago. I did a divination on myself to discover my animal spirit guide. A woman with a long hair braided in two parts appears. At the ends of each braided hair appears a snakes (a total of two snakes). At that very moment i was convinced that the snakes were my animal spirit guide.

    Last May of this year, it was early morning while having a coffee at the kitchen, i was distructed by a noise, a plastic wrapper crippling noise, i began to look for it. In just a second or two i was shocked on what i’ve found.. it’s a snake climbing up on a wrapped umbrella hanging on a rod. I saw the snake on top of that rod. The rod happens to be adjacent on restroom door of my parents. Its a second entry door in the kitchen to my parents restroom and goes through their bedroom. After seeing that snake, i got terrified, i felt some fears then got curious of what does it truly means… For week, i have received a lot of signs and i ignored some of it though many questions runs through my mind intuitively. The night before that week ends, my father passed away. He had a heart attack, utterance of degrading words by his co-public servant triggered his heart to be on stressed.

    During the wake, everything that happens that appears before me flashbacks. Every details came out to be related to my father’s death.. i felt a big regret of not paying attention on the clues given to me. I could have solve that forthcoming puzzling event and do whatever things that might change it..

    Hope you could give me some words of enlightenment about my extra ordinary experience on animal spirit guide..

    Today I took the quiz to know my animal spirit guide after posting my comment. Surprisingly, it turned out the SNAKE.. It’s realy fascinating!

  6. Rebecca
    September 17, 2017

    hi, I’ve been doing lots of reading when it comes to animal guides and this site is wonderful, only that I’m a bit confused, I absolutely adore wolves, they’re my favorite animals, but I was born in june 12 1999, in south america and I’m a gemini , which if I’m correct, it’s the totem of the owl? but as I was reading I didn’t felt connection or traits that connect me with owls, so I was hoping that you could help me find what animal truly represents me since I’ve gotten plenty of results and I’m confused if Im an owl, deer, etc

    other traits of me is that I’m a very creative person(I’m an artist and draw a lot) I tend to be a dreamer and have high expectatives, but somethimes I can be a leader, I get overwhelmed easily and need time of my own, and I get nervous or anxious quite easily, hope this also helps to determine what animal am I

  7. Trisha
    December 28, 2017

    Hey uh..i think i told you that my spirit animal was a white tiger which is like a year ago, to be honest right now i feel like i’m losing faith in my spirit animal, it hasn’t contact me for a long time now, i feel like it left me,,? i don’t know what happened to it…i honestly did forgot about having a spirit animal and sometimes i was like “meh who cares about that sh*t” and now i feel bad, can you tell me a way to get in contact with it again..? i miss it ;-;

  8. Kay
    January 31, 2018

    Is ones totem different than a spirit animal? My totem is the tree and I have always felt the connection. I have never felt a connection with any particular animal.

  9. selina
    February 18, 2018

    Hello a hawk was flying in the sky above my car and at times it flies closer to the ground around my car. I have also seen a hawk sitting on the side of the road that i drive down a lot and when i went to drive past it i drove right next to it at a slow speed and it didn’t move an inch it was just watching me looking at my eyes. What do you think this means.

  10. Joesaphine
    March 11, 2018

    hey a year ago i had two dreams of two different types of owls or the same kind but i can’t remember which. So, during the dream it was me, my brother, and two other people. We standing on a zip ling board and out of now where i put my arm out and a owl landed on it. But it looked like a snow owl. Than that same week,same dream but different owl but, when one of the people were about to touch it the owl flew at them and almost attacked them and they almost feel of the edge. what does this mean?


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