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    1. Emma says:

      I haven’t gotten an email telling me my spirit animal. My name is Emma I was born Oct 2nd 1974. I was born in the evening just don’t know what time other than it was late in the evening

    2. Karen Robinson-Izquierdo says:

      I haven’t received my order, can you please refund my money?

    3. anthony says:

      I was glad to see reference to Bigfoot. I once did an animal totem reading with a Native American/Celtic reader and with her blank cards she said to write on them animals not in her deck or animals not found in the Americas or mythical animals or extinct animals. I did Bigfoot/Sasquatch, Mammoth, Wombat; all three showed up in my group of totems, Bigfoot/Sasquatch as my main totem. I was so glad to see reference to it on this website.

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