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  1. don

    Spirit Animal Funnies

    Too funny. Entirely too funny. haha haha
  2. don

    Spirit Animal Funnies

  3. don

    Spirit Animal Funnies

    Too funny. My ex-dog, Bo, used to swipe steak and hamburger off the kitchen counter. We had to lure him outside before we cooked meat. Dog could swallow an entire pound of hamburger in the time it took me to say - WTHell?. Miss my dog. (Miss my steak more - but still miss my dog, too).
  4. don

    New Things

    Tomorrow I enjoy Thanksgiving for the very first time with my brother and sister. Well, with this brother and sister, at least. I recently found out my father was not the same father as my older brother and sisters. After a bit of DNA registering on Ancestry and "23 and me" - I was...
  5. don


    It's Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I know there is some poor schmuck who's been held in a cave by a bridge troll for a while. They may not know about this important Thanksgiving recipe. Tomorrow, when thirst beckons you to the fridge, take out one bottle (or can) of Coca-Cola (Coke (or pepsi))...
  6. don

    Then What?

    Yes, thank you, Tina. Most people say I have a way of never running out of words. Hahaha. Thank you though. I only started looking into the art of writing not long ago. I've had many interruptions while practicing, but I do truly love expressing myself. And yes, I have not yet mastered...
  7. don

    Then What?

    Sweet. Time to talk to the subconscious. Get the real info on what's best for you. Thank you, Pearlized.
  8. don

    Then What?

    The comfort of my night will depend largely on the actions of my day. The things I do that can never be undone - the things I say that can never be unsaid - and the minutes and hours that pass away that will never come this way again? Being me, or you being you, takes a lot of energy. Many...
  9. don

    You're learning quickly, Tina. It looks great. I hope it works out better than you'd hoped...

    You're learning quickly, Tina. It looks great. I hope it works out better than you'd hoped. Those few extra cents can make a major difference.
  10. don

    Is it right?

    Beautiful story, Tina. It put me in mind of the many times throughout life when someone would mention or say something "off-handedly", that opened my mind and changed my direction. Gifted people (like our MamaBear) are indeed rare. I miss her daily videos. They were more like waking...
  11. don

    Is it right?

    Some amazing talents and accomplishments you have. (If only you were single? haha. Kidding). Yes indeed, the people are buying time, experience, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom from you (everyone). It is how the world works, as you mentioned. Thank you for giving thought to my...
  12. don

    Back from an amazing holiday.

    Sounds like a great vacation, Pearlized. (except of course for the unpleasant news about the Queen, and Stu's foot). I spent many trips riding trains across the country as a young boy (in the USA), and love trains more than any other form of travel. I envy you the clickity clack of hopefully...
  13. don

    Strange Omen

    Wow! So sorry about your loss. The entire world grieves with you. Such an incredible Lady, spanning a history that saw so many changes around the world. Your story filled me with goosebumps, as well as reminding me of many earlier studies concerning the direction of this world. Without...
  14. don

    Is it right?

    We have a gift. A lovely, helpful, beautiful gift. We did not seek education and training for the gift. The learning came after the gift appeared. Should one sell a gift? Is it ours to gain financial benefit? In meditation, I see a farmer. Farmers acquire seed. They till the land, plant...
  15. don

    2 questions for all.

    Thank you, Darkshinez. That was a beautiful thing to say. I am truly humbled. Thank you.
  16. don

    2 questions for all.

    I'm scattered and intermittent (like rain - or sunshine (depending on the moment, day, week)). lol. Variety, they say, is the spice of life. I need variety for survival. (And a certain amount of chaos). I believe everyone on this site is a master at multitasking. I believe most people on...
  17. don


    It's the fourth of July. I lack a good roommate - (4 legged, two legged, swimmer, winged, or creeper) - but still wanted to write something for those fortunate to enjoy a little friend around the house . This post concerns pets and the 4th of July? I'm sure many people already know what is...
  18. don

    Being appreciated/loved

    What's wrong with wanting to be loved? Isn't it okay to feel a need to be appreciated? Wanting to be recognized for all the good you do is not a selfish desire. You do a lot for everyone. They seldom give notice to what you do. People appreciate your efforts that benefit them; but they...
  19. don

    Easy distraction

    You are not owned by others. You have an obligation to yourself, the Earth, the universe, and all creation to use the gifts and talents you've been blessed with where they are most needed. We are surrounded by people who try to own us, claim all our time, gain all of our attention, money, and...
  20. don