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  1. Pearlized

    Spirit Animal Funnies

  2. Pearlized

    Spirit Animal Funnies

    They say T rex are extinct. Explain this then. 😉😆🤣🤣🤣
  3. Pearlized

    Blessings this Thanksgiving

    I have saved it for future times. Thank you.
  4. Pearlized

    Spirit Animal Funnies

    How Hansel & Gretal Defeated the Witch Seriously, you HAVE to read to the end. After shoving Hansel in the oven, the witch turns to Gretel - who is currently fending the witch off with a gingerbread chair - and says: "I can't believe you thought a trail of breadcrumbs would save you. I mean...
  5. Pearlized

    Blessings this Thanksgiving

    That is beautiful. Thank you for thinking about me. We dont celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, though i myself do have things to be VERY thankful for.
  6. Pearlized

    MM yea funny that.

    MM yea funny that.
  7. Pearlized

    New Things

    Best wishes for a full recovery to your sister Pat. Go enjoy meeting your new extended family. Then share what you want with who you want later.
  8. Pearlized


    They probably have more right than we do. Ours is a priviledge that we should be respecting more.
  9. Pearlized


    We realease a butterfly that was trapped inside on Friday morning.
  10. Pearlized

    Best Animal Videos!

    Oh how beautiful.
  11. Pearlized

    A Boy & His Dog

    After losing his parents, Roscoe, a 3-year-old orangutan, was so depressed he wouldn't eat and didn't respond to medical treatment. The vets thought he may die from sadness. The zookeepers found an old sick dog on the grounds in the park at the zoo where the orangutan lived and took the dog to...
  12. Pearlized


  13. Pearlized


    Oh this has to be the best Quote for weeks Mark. Nice one. 💖 💜💖
  14. Pearlized

    Beautiful Spirit Animal Antics.

    Beautiful Dragonfly image The photographers name is at the bottom left.
  15. Pearlized

    Hubby and the Puffin.

    Oh @Mama Bear Just had to tag you in to read this post of mine from last August. Tells it all really.😁 💖
  16. Pearlized

    Mama Bear talking about ""EVIDENCE""

    Would you believe that over a year after replying to you @Mama Bear. This guy is still thinking about the Hex crap. Many Many people have told him that SHE planted the seed, nurished it and he let it grow. Even though this silly women is no longer on the scene, she really did do a job on him...