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  1. Gayle Wyant

    Desperately hurting

    I have torn the tendon in my left foot and have to be out of the motel this morning with none to assist me and I have nowhere to go. Please send energy and prayers for me.
  2. Gayle Wyant

    Did I miss something?

    Is Mama Bear not doing lives anymore? Or different days or what?
  3. Gayle Wyant

    Choices, choices

    I was presented with an interesting offer this weekend regarding a roommate situation and after the live this morning I am more uncertain than before about it. I am currently homeless and living in a hotel. I saw a post on the local bulletin board with someone looking for a temporary roommate...
  4. Gayle Wyant

    Is there a live today?

    Is there a live today? I need y'all desperately today
  5. Gayle Wyant

    Desperate for assistance

    I have been a member for awhile now and share some.i need to vent and I have nowhere else to do so, please bear with me.i am in extreme physical pain, nausea, vertigo and ears ringing. I have have literally been living the 3 of swords and Tower cards for 9 years now. Everytime I think or feel...
  6. Gayle Wyant

    Daily readings

    Is it me or did I miss an announcement that Mama Bear is not going to be available for her daily readings and only doing the 3 weekly lives?
  7. Gayle Wyant

    Has anyone else been seeing starfish repeatedly everywhere?

    For the past 3 days I have about a hundred different starfish. I guess I missed the most on this one. I was looking at the shower curtain in my bathroom for the past year and notice there are two starfish on the bottom of it. Dolphins, fish, algae, coral, urchins the whole underwater scene never...
  8. Gayle Wyant

    Thoughts on the court cards and their connection with several major arcana cards

    I have been working on my own deck and I had an insight I have not heard discussions on.so I would like the wild packs thoughts about. That the Queen's are the actions that one takes to embody and move between the High Priestess ( typically seen as a maiden) and the Empress (typically seen as...
  9. Gayle Wyant

    Do I trust my spirit animal with my life?

    Definitely! I have had a gray she wolf with me ever since I can remember. I would see her and talk about her even as a toddler. I was told then that my"imaginary friend the wolf" was just a figment of my imagination. As I got older I realized she was my protector as well as confidant and...
  10. Gayle Wyant

    Todays Sunday Ceremony

    Once again Bernadette and the animal allies were so awesome. I thought I would share my experience here with y'all. I am still processing this vision and am a little bit still in trance mode. March 14, 2021 Sunday Ceremony with Bernadette Carter King --Past Live Regression My intention is to...