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  1. starryphish2184

    Share Your Card Pulls from The Ark

    I was just doing a general read for myself. I got the hermit and I said "I swear I'm having fun!" Then turned the deck over to Chimp. Xoxo 💋 Animals. Thank you divine spirit and angels for guiding me down all the paths to get my business started. 🙏👑🗡️⛵
  2. starryphish2184


    Laughing at this spirit animal quiz on your website Mama 🐻😂😂🐍 I have plans to get a black mamba tattoo on my chest. I wanted to get it on my leg but Everytime I vision the placement that snake moves right up to my collar bone on the right side. Ty for all that you are. I'm about to go on a...