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  1. Paula

    OMG! A ALL BEARs TAROT DECK!!! And I just nabbed it!

    Those are so freakin' CUTE!
  2. Paula

    STOP! You're Not Ready For THIS - Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Tues. June 22, 2021

    Hi Ravenheart, I was recommended a book a few years back called complex PTSD, written by Pete Walker, he also has a website with printable material, and one thing that helped me the most with mine was understanding the four F's and how a ton of stuff we end up dealing with is just a response to...
  3. Paula

    DO YOU BELIEVE? - Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Fri. May 28, 2021

    What it is, is bringing spirit into your brand, so if you are wanting to bring your art (of any kind) into the world and create a brand, you can intentionally bring your vision into the world. Stacey Maney and Alexis Cohen are the artists who hosted the workshop, I stumble across this stuff by...
  4. Paula

    DO YOU BELIEVE? - Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Fri. May 28, 2021

    I hope this makes sense because my experience came to mind with your message, but its a little different, yesterday I attended a sacred design workshop and we did an exercise where we asked what is my sacred design, which a huge heart beat flashed and it made me think of the as above so below...
  5. Paula

    Gemini Tarot & Gemini Horoscope June 2021 Zodiac Signs Astrology Forecast & Predictions

    I Love the imagery to fly! I have been nervous about this month because I told myself a certain story for years and now I'm here, I get scared I am going to freak out and react and sabotage my progress. Pegasus helps me with this! Thank you so much!
  6. Paula

    Mother's Day ...

    Thank you!🥰 I Honor you, love you, and appreciate the walk with you as well! "Happy Mama Bear Day to You t🌼🌼!"🦚🌷
  7. Paula

    PAID WRITING GIG - Tarot Deck Reviews

    I am interested, (if I'm not to late)? Here is my review of the Arc and I will send more examples of my writing style.
  8. Paula

    Acitvation Painting

    🥰Thank you!!
  9. Paula

    Acitvation Painting

    Thanks mama, I agree, I have been fighting to clear trauma for years, and honestly its not all mine, it goes way back and when I finished painting and really looked at it, it was relief because of where I am now but when I looked into the of headdress part I felt the blood and pain and emotions...
  10. Paula

    Acitvation Painting

    Thank you, for sure do, it is really amazing what it brings up and releases at the same time!!
  11. Paula

    Acitvation Painting

    Happy New🌑Moon wishes, remember to let go and make your wishes! I just hopped on to share this experience, last night I had access to an activation painting with Alexis Cohen using watercolor, she did a meditation and then had us hear our guides, ancestors, intuition to let the colors, symbols...
  12. Paula


    This is so exciting, I already love and appreciate this book, it will be so useful and I can't wait.🦉 when you did the Philippine Eagle, I seen an owl fly out of your shirt on the left shoulder, it was a first time experience for me to see that.🌚
  13. Paula

    Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Fri. March 12, 2021

    I was told years ago I was a healer of DNA, and its been really amazing a few experiences along the way, Im working on prioritizing what vibration is going on in me and around me, I want to use the drums and rattles I love the sensation of a drum giving the taste of elephant vibreation. I Love...