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  1. Gayle Wyant

    Happy Birthday ivfcenterinindore

    Happy belated birthday
  2. Gayle Wyant

    🎂🎁🥳 Haaaaaaaappy Birthday to Keith20222002!

    Happy birthday 🎉🎈🎉🥳 I guess we share a birthday! I turned 57 may ask what solar return this is for you?
  3. Gayle Wyant

    2 questions for all.

    I was coming on and posting regularly. Due to some significant health issues over the past 4 months I have mainly dropped in to see what is happening and how many of you are doing. I am starting to feel much better but still have a hard time with being online very long. The vertigo and headaches...
  4. Gayle Wyant

    Question of the Week: Where would you like to travel and why?

    I want to go back to Athens, Egypt, and Ireland. I loved it when we visited when I was a kid but didn't really appreciate the spiritual connections with them. Also really want to go to India!
  5. Gayle Wyant

    When do you know it's time to garden?

    When the daffodils, crocus and hyacinth are popping up!
  6. Gayle Wyant

    🎂🎁🥳 Haaaaaaaappy Birthday to Pearlized!

    Happy birthday! Hope your day and year are as special as you are!
  7. Gayle Wyant

    🎂🎁🥳 Haaaaaaaappy Birthday to Mark Ravenheart!

    Happy birthday! Hope your day and year are as special as you are!
  8. Gayle Wyant

    This Daily Reading Will SHOCK YOU!!! January 17, 2022

    First of all I was really starting to get worried about you Mama Bear! It had been so long since any post that I was sending mega healing, soothing calming energy your way. I will continue to do so btw. I have been feeling similar energy to you. I know what my guides and messages are saying...
  9. Gayle Wyant

    Question of the Week: Do you Make New Year's resolutions? 12/26

    I also start with a gratitude's list and look for the golden nuggets even in the hard stuff. I like the idea of adding what lessons I don't want to learn more of! I am going to include that as I review my yearly intentions list monthly at the new moon and set action steps for the upcoming...
  10. Gayle Wyant

    Question of the Week: What Sacred Places/Spiritual Centers do you consider special to you? Have you Been there?

    Part of me says a holy or sacred place is wherever you are. We each carry it inside of ourselves everywhere we each go. My favorite sacred places are ones I have created in practices such as a secluded open circle in the midst of a grove of trees or an astral temple that I have created for...
  11. Gayle Wyant

    Wednesday Night January 5th Live with Bernadette - Spirit Animals and Healing with the Ancients!

    Omg Lisa, the channeling hit so much to my whole being! I am a angel of light and a conduit between Mother Earth and Divine Source. I am on a journey of recovery of my physical health and balance of my whole being. The Goddess I work with has repeatedly used the reference with my of the...
  12. Gayle Wyant

    Question of the Week: Do you Make New Year's resolutions? 12/26

    I do yearly intentions. I start at Samhain (wiccan new years and set them into motion on Yule.
  13. Gayle Wyant


    Omg all of it applied! As usual I am blessed and blown away!
  14. Gayle Wyant

    Desperately hurting

    Blessed Yule to those celebrating today! Update I received a motel voucher for a week starting tomorrow. I have a twisted ankle and torn ACL and am in a gel cast for 6 weeks and until we figure out how to handle it best. My goals and choices are to find sustainable stable housing and to keep...
  15. Gayle Wyant

    Desperately hurting

    Someone came to my aid and I have a room for a couple of days. Currently I am back at urgent care for my foot and will update you afterwards. Thank you for your good thoughts they are much appreciated!
  16. Gayle Wyant

    Desperately hurting

    I have torn the tendon in my left foot and have to be out of the motel this morning with none to assist me and I have nowhere to go. Please send energy and prayers for me.
  17. Gayle Wyant

    **Friday 12/10/21 LIVE Link: WPW Ancient Circle Unlisted YouTube Link 6:30am PT/ 8:30am CT/ 9:30am ET

    Absolutely fabulous! I broke some ribs labor day and several more since. First time since then a deep breath hasn't been excruciatingly pain. Ty Lisa and wildpack!
  18. Gayle Wyant

    Did I miss something?

    Thank you Pearl. Things have been chaotic and complicated for me lately, so I guess I missed those announcements.