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    This time Raven

    Thank you! I couldnt close them at that moment but its good to know a better way to listen. Sometimes i have to do that to feel what my tarot cards are saying (im working harder on doing readings)
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    This time Raven

    Yall....now two days ago my daughter and i coming back to ouf apartments tufn jnto the "driveway" leadibv up to ghe gate and a Raven crosses the van sits on the fence and stares us down until we pass fully the flies off! First owl now Raven what the what!
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    The Great Horned Owl

    Thank you. I absolutely love my "me" time I do not feel right when I dont get it. I feel more anxious and unsettled. I am the epitome of the hermit card in terms of needing time to myself by myself to process work things theough and regenerate. Its very possible that there are shadows I need to...
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    The Great Horned Owl

    I cant edit so now ill finish here. IT was a magnificent sight to see. I knew it was an owl by the way it flew and looked it up by area and tail feathers. Ive looked up what this could mean but am still trying to figure out exactly what it would mean for me as there isnt alot specific to the...
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    The Great Horned Owl

    Two days ago close to dusk i watched a Great Horned Owl fly across my path.
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    Beautiful Spirit Animal Antics.

    I love love love love this. When I was growing up I was in love with dolphin and this just shows so much as too why anyone would love them! Thank you.
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    Oh boy

    Thank you
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    Oh boy

    Update**** my brother and I have made up. Yay.
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    2 questions for all.

    Honestly I took a break from all of this for a bit. But I'm back. And I'm so glad because I missed you all.
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    Also. I'm watching this and heard Mama Bear speak about the storms and what happens to sensitive well a couple things that happen. I actually get very wired by storms I haven't ever met anyone else that this happens to.
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    I had to miss this one. I was working. I'm really thankful it was posted here though!!!
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    Oh boy

    Ok so July 3rd was the 2nd anniversary of my Dad's passing. It was very hard and it was even harder because my brother and I aren't speaking. His girlfriend (possibly him too) have lied about me, slander, ridiculed and belittled me, tried to get me fired, spoke poorly of my mothering and my...
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    Easy distraction

    Thank you for this. It means more than you know.
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    2 questions for all.

    I usually just drop by to see what's going on. Sometimes I write posts though it's usually few and far between
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    Can yall help interpret a dream

    Hey everyone. Been a long time since I've been on. I'll get right to it. I recently had a dream that changed back and forth between country and city in which 2 Grey foxes one red fox and a brown owl came about. The Grey foxes appeared first one at a time both popping up out of drainage grates...
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    Agreed the chapter title pages that were shown are gorgeous

    Agreed the chapter title pages that were shown are gorgeous
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    Does a dead bird in the backyard have a specific meaning?

    Well, a couple days ago my kids found a decent sized dead bird quite possibly a pigeon though I'm not 100 on that. There was not any obvious reasons showing that we could see for the death of the bird though we didn't really touch or move it. I was wondering if this meant anything or if it's...
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    Color my World: Color symbolism & Meaning

    My favorite color has seemed to change throughout my life generally changes between blues greens purples and pinks and sometimes oranges. I never have really known why sometimes it seems connected to moods sometimes it seems connected to the period in time I'm going through. I would like to...
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    Who's afraid to claim the title of "psychic" and how may I help you?

    Me....I'm still opening myself up and still learning so not sure I can claim it lol