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Angel Readings Pick a Card Tarot Nov 10, 2021


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Mar 4, 2021
West Yorkshire UK
When i asked @Mama Bear Which angel i should ask to support my hubby next Monday, I had not mentioned about a funeral he is going to. I may be going with him, but right now he plans to ride on the back of someone else as there will be bikers following the cars. The guy was a biker, so this is what is happening.

I asked which angel for a very good reason. Nothing to do with going on the bike, more because of certain other people who will be there, possibly spouting their mouths off at him, for various reasons.

A lot of it because they do not know him as he is nows. A lot because they turned their backs on him due to his health issues back in 2007 going forward. Instead of asking questions and learning, the abandend him. 1 even had the nerve to say to someone else. "" Tell him to get in touch"" MMM Should have been him getting in touch as hubby was too ill to know which way was up at the time.

So @Mama Bear Said Arch Angel Azrazel. REALLY So Azrael is the angel of Death, b ut more a fallen angel Some say Azrael is male, but mostly prtraid as Female. Now comes the really bizzarr bit to me. @Mama Bear wondered if my hubby would take all of this Well heck Yea is is very good in his own way, but gets too overwhelmed with spirits who can bombard him, and has not learnt how to slow them down or shut them up. He struggles to the point that i have to get angry at them when they do this. So we have a glass upturned on our kitchen table which is a message to them ALL that they keep out until it is tuned back upright.

Then i find this about Azrael Invisibility: Azrael has the power to appear invisible and choose who can see her. Typically only dead Humans will be able to see her. Which means to me He CAN stay invisible in a way, unless he wants them to see him. A good way of protection, just in case on Monday and i dont go. I will be going if there is no one he can ride with.

Then we come to the Unicorn mentioned. Lots there too, but what springs into my mind is that "" He must be true to himself. Stand majestic and say whatever is needed to be said with love"" Also to believe in his own magic. Thats where his confidence in own abilities lacks big time.

Oh and please if anyone knows Mary Margaret Spooner would they please ask her to find me either on here or FB She can message me or
anyone else can be the messanger if she feels better that way. Please tell her i fully get how she is feeling and how this all may be effecting her right now. My own hubby was in a similar place and i can help her help herself to be strong for him and her young one. I was taught so much by some amazing people when all i could see was my world crumbling down around me. This will be a long journey for all of them, but it can be done.
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