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Apr 5, 2021
You are not owned by others.
You have an obligation to yourself, the Earth, the universe, and all creation to use the gifts and talents you've been blessed with where they are most needed.
We are surrounded by people who try to own us, claim all our time, gain all of our attention, money, and love.
We're not evil people because we listen to the universe as it moves us to act in the lives of people needing help more than those believing we've been placed here solely for their use.

If you're one of those who stumble from people claiming they'll fall apart without your help or attention, then set some boundaries.
Claim your use as a universal accessory for all people.
Live life using the talents and abilities you were born to use, helping everywhere the Universe and earth needs you - (regardless of relationship and connection.)

The world becomes a better place when we give of our gifts and talents without regard to familial connection and group affiliations.
Being free to be the magnificent gift to the world that you are meant to be is a liberating experience.
We never neglect family or other obligations, regardless of how demanding the rest of the world might be - but we should not empty ourselves solely into their cups either.

Limitations and boundaries are crucial to the world, the universe, and to our own lives if we hope to benefit all-things, everywhere.
The growth of Peace and love come from selfless attention we give when our heart is moved.
Sadly, there are those who are so insecure concerning their own existence that draining others of attention and care is the only way they know to survive.

We are born to help.
Our earliest thoughts are of helping those we love.
We want to be a blessing to those we love. It's natural for us to be little helpers.
We never grow out of it. It's who we are.
Reach out to include all life in your circle of help.
Sharing yourself with the world is difficult.
Start small - work your way up - limit the expenditure of resources normally drained away by those who can now manage their own affairs.

I'm listening to MamaBear's Fri Broadcast as I type this post.
She is a constant reminder of how beautiful it is to let love and caring flow freely from the heart.
She accepts payment for the work she puts forth (as she should), but she also spends countless energies and love sharing freely from the heart with others who need her.
A worker is worthy of his hire - workwoman in MamaBears' case (or workBear?). lol.
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