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New Spirit Guide???

Mark Ravenheart

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May 28, 2021
Central Kentucky
Although I detest the little critters, may the universe bless 'em, I just had a vision of a praying mantis and it was 'out of the blue' without any other information. Just a feeling of being "called upon" to take notice of this totally alien-looking, lime-green insect. 👽👽👽

I am a bit new to the spirit guide stuff esp. when it comes to animals of the insect world. So, I thot I'd look it up and stop here on the way to gather info. Does anyone have any thots on Praying Mantis as a spirit guide? I would love to hear them if ya do. It is not often that any kind of animal just pops up in great detail in my mind's eye the way this one has unless there is an underlying message or messages.

So, hope all are good and that we will chat soon.

M. Raven
Hi @Mark Ravenheart

Fearlessness. Flexibility and Battle.

They are actually seen as Graceful and seeing one is said to be a sign of good luck coming your way.

It seems that Praying Mantis as a Spirit Guide is there for you when you need to prepare for battle. Are you in some way having to fight for something you have a right to, yet being denied it. While the females do end their mate's life after mating, this to me is actually saying that once you have won whatever battle you are facing, then that will be the end of it.

As a totem animal, it is telling you to be Fearless in all of your battles.

The Spirit side of it is saying Call on me when you need Aid in the discipline of sitting silent and waiting for the right time to move.

Praying Mantis is also a sign of Survival. Maybe you need to dig into your own Femanine side to survive better in all ways.

There is so much more i could write out for you here, but i am going to leave it for you to read and interpret it yourself instead. These 2 things below i am going to say though.

1, Stop wasting your time and energy on lost causes.

2, Look for those 1 or 2 people in your life that you know you can trust with anything when ever you need help or support. Honestly, they are the ones who will not bite your head off for asking. The ones you know you can count on as being lifelong friends.

So here is the link to Mama Bears other website with ALL the Mantis info you will need.

Have fun, they are not as Alien looking as you think when you look at the stunning colours they can actual show.

Thank you @Pearlized. I did read a bit about taking one's time to think things through, being well-prepared, becoming still inside, and using mindfulness and meditation, in regards to mantis as a spiritual battle guide. I also see good luck associated with this as well.

As usual, there is much to consider and I appreciate you helping me to gather up information!!! I can't wait to read more because generally when I see an animal in amazing detail, in lively, vivid colors, and in close-up, out of the blue for seemingly no reason, I tend to put more weight on the idea that there is a message for me there. Also, I don't particularly like Mantis so that clues me in a bit to the fact I am not just making up stuff.

Okay, I am off to read more. Thanks again for getting me started and of course, love to you, the Wild Pack, and Mama Bear.
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I think the two things that stand out to me the most are that Mantis is in a prayer position and according to my information they have 5 eyes, 3 smaller ones between their two big eyes. I take this as a "trust your intuition" sign and the former as a need to pray, (in whatever way one wishes)...IE: Traditional, Meditation, Devotions, Spell Work, etc., etc.

So staying in contact with Spirit/Source/God/The Universe/Divinity, etc., and trusting the information I receive is my big takeaway from this spirit guide so far. Two things that are very relevant to where I am at in my *new awakening. (yes, *another one.) LOL