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The Queen's funeral


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Mar 6, 2021
I think the saddest part were the two corgis Muick and Sandy, and her pony, Emma standing there watching the funeral procession today.

I was going to stay up this morning at 2am my time to watch the entire event but decided I would watch it on replay.

Talk about a seriously somber moment in history.


Staff member
Mar 4, 2021
West Yorkshire UK
It was a strange day all round yesterday.

From when i got up, as well as others around the UK, we heard nothing but silence. No birds, no animals, no cars, no children, no adults, just silence ALL DAY.

So when you say it was "" A Seriously Somber Moment "" in history, EVERY LIVING, MOVING thing seemed to just stop whatever it would normally do. Just for the day, in TOTAL respect for our Queen.

We also live around 30 miles away from an Airport and live under the flight path. Rarely heard one taking off or landing all day.
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