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Top Three Spiritual Projects on your List


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Feb 8, 2021
Now that the chaos of the holidays is pretty much passed, people are settling into their thoughts of where they want the next few months to go mundanely and spiritually. Do you have some in mind? If so share!

For me, I have to work on self-care. I put others first, which is great (my language of love is service) but then I run out of steam leading to anxiety and depression. So I have to say "yes" more often to me.

As a researcher, I'd like to take some time peeking into some of the more Arcane mysteries especially from a historical standpoint (try to find those buried treasure)

In the kitchen, I want to keep developing new and yummy recipes with a magical twist.


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Mar 6, 2021
Studio - Getting the things I don't use and won't be using out of my studio and into folks who will use these items.

My butterfly/bee garden this year (Along with my magical herbs and flowers to dry for my brooms)

Making my first real hand stitched bound book so I can save special things and momentos

Personal growth and exploration

And hosting at least 2 workshops this year virtually - Having Lunch with your Goddess, and Healing through re-framing

Mark Ravenheart

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May 28, 2021
Central Kentucky
1.) to view myself with love, as a source of love.
2.) to trust in my intuition and exercise my use of it.
3.) to give unconditional love to my family and make contact with those family members who have crossed over.