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Sep 24, 2021
Hi All. I have had some crazy synchronicities that started 4 years 4 months and some days ago. You will have to read and look at the attached 6 pictures to get the whole story. It all started with finding a whole, perfectly preserved wing of a black sea bird. The next day, i believe it was, I had the most incredible interaction with some ravens. I've had incredible animal interactions for a long time, but this one took the cake. Then, about a year ago I began learning this amazing healing modality which involves alchemy, magic. I am now certified in it. I don't have a picture of it at the moment, but a raven left me a very shiny die covered in fake gold with fake diamonds for the numbers. Then, 2 weeks and a day before today, I got some news from a teacher that was not what I expected. The next morning as my daughter and I were walking to a neighborhood holiday craft fair, we encountered the rubber ducky with a pink comma directly in our path. I told my daughter about the significance of the duck to the sun card. She said, "And the comma is a continuation of a sentence." I agreed. When we got to the craft fair, one lady had a rack of kimonos for sale. In the very back was 3 fancy "shawls" made primarily from raven feathers. She said that a friend had actually made them and was selling them with her at another craft fair so she just decided to bring them with her to this craft fair and try to sell them. I thought, I HAD to have one. I chose the one accented with magenta dyed feathers. I later discovered that magenta doesn't actually exist. It doesn't have it's own wavelength. It's just a trick of the eye. ;) Then, I decided to not continue with that same teacher earlier this week and didn't go to his session. Instead, I went grocery shopping. On my way through the parking lotafter finishing, I saw the last photo. All that I could think of was The Sun card, lotsd and lots of Suns. Then, after taking it all in, I saw the tiger sitting squarely on top, in the center. I was born in the year of the tiger and LOVE cats.


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