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Hi there, I just had to share this with you. On my way home I saw 4 crows in a square, and then on the side of the road I saw 2 crows in the tall grass. I was like what Magic, then after that 4 more crows in a square. Blow my mind. Still trying to find out the message in this.
So I had quite the interesting thing happened to me the other day I was driving home Monday night and I had a deer dear with the antlers just barely coming out of him and it was a meal and he bowed down to me as I went past them and then went Into the Woods.
Today I'm driving To work and the same thing happens to me is that for it was a female this time.
Wow what is happening 😳
Oh wow, these energy shifts are really taxing this time. Ready to batten down the hatches and hibernate for the winter, the way its all shifting right now.
Vision told me I was nanuk the polar bear
MM yea funny that.
Hi there, I have a question, I'm trying to get some information for myself, and Clarification that I was told about in a dream. What is the best way for me to get the information? Thank you ❤️
Can you elaborate a bit more on the dream - PM if you need the privacy.
Happy Birthday @desianne39

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Hello, everyone. Hope you are all well. Today I have been thinking and feeling so different. I feel like I'm on a cross road, and don't know what or were to go and look for. Any idea for help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great day. Many blessings
Can you share with me more - even if it's in private message what you would like for help?
Think you, I have found out that it was me on the spiritual side and trying to sell in the know download that I got. I'm feeling much better.
Well buggering heck Seems i broke my toe this morning, so have had to cancel tomorrows adventure with my granddaughter.

So no posh ice cream for us now. So glad i had kept it as a surprise.

The offended toe. Its darker than it shows LOL Runs round the back too.


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How has everyone been? Are we all happy to be out of Mercury Retrograde?? ANNND now with us jumping right into Saturn Retrograde, how is that going?!?! I hope well :) I just wanted to pop in, say hello and send well wishes to you all. xoxo
An other thing I was wounding, I'm starting to do a little bit of cards reading. I always say a prayer around me and to everyone that's is with me. Do anyone else do that and looking for so new ideas. Thanks 😊
Hello, everyone hope you all are having a great day. I was wondering if anyone was going thought a little bit deep dreams. I have had some really weird ones. Thank you and have a great day.
Today was my FREEDOM day LOL Yep the lurgy got us.

I went out early to beat the rush in the supermarket. Just forgot how crazy people are. WHY put your shopping on the belt, when YOU can see i have half of mine to put on. Oh you were not happy when i had to stop and push YOUR seperator back TWICE. Use your brains please.

Now its COLD again, so snuggled up with feet up watching MOTO GP. 😁 🥰 💜 🏍️ 🦋