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Sisha Symbolism & Meaning

Sisha Symbolism & Meaning Shisa, also called Shisa Lion and in some references, Komainu, are actually a mix of Dog and Lion. They are also usually depicted in pairs. The Shisa is native to lore in what was once an independent Island Kingdom of Okinawa, before Okinawa was part of Japan. This is why the […]

Hydra Symbolism & Meaning

Hydra Symbolism & Meaning Need a little extra energy to tackle mundane tasks? Want to see things from a clear perspective? Hydra, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Hydra shows you how to refuel your inner well for endless endurance while showing you how to view conditions from different angles. Delve deeply […]

Kongamato Symbolism & Meaning

Kongamato symbolizes archaic knowledge, surprise, and ancient history. But what does it mean when this creature swoops in as a Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal? What is Kongamato’s meaning when it navigates the skies of your dream narratives? Find out more now!

Griffin Symbolism & Meaning

Griffin Symbolism & Meaning Need to protect what is yours? Looking for a space that’s all your own? Griffin, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Griffin teaches you how to safe keep all you cherish while showing you how to establish your sacred space. Delve deeply in Griffin symbolism and meaning to […]

Chimera Symbolism & Meaning

Chimera is a mythological creature featuring the body parts of a Serpent, Lion, and Goat. From its Lion aspect, the Chimera represents strength; from its Serpentine aspect, the legendary Animal signifies wisdom, and from its Goat aspect, the beast symbolizes diligence. Explore Chimera symbolism and meaning now to find out more about what this creature offers you in the way of Animal Medicine and Wisdom!

Basilisk & Cockatrice Symbolism & Meaning

Basilisk & Cockatrice are creatures in European mythology; the beasts are a hybrid between a Snake and Rooster, so they share a lot of symbolism with both real-world Animals. Basilisk, as a Spirit Animal Guide, offers support by lending you the strength you need to endure when others mean you harm. The creature also helps you establish your boundaries when necessary. Explore Basilisk & Cockatrice symbolism and meaning now to learn more about the insights, Animal Medicine, and Wisdom you can derive from working with these amazing legendary creatures!