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Amphisbaena Symbolism & Meaning

One of the most unusual creatures in Greek and Roman, the giant, serpent-like Amphisbaena featuring one head on each end of its body, makes for a powerful Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal. The creature’s lessons and Animal Medicine relate to attaining knowledge, mastering movement and direction, and healing, among other insightful teachings. Discover how the Amphisbaena, as an Animal Spirit Guide, can enlighten and support you now!

Gargoyle Symbolism & Meaning

Gargoyle Symbolism & Meaning Want to protect yourself and what you value? Are you in need of some clarity in a situation? Gargoyle, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Gargoyle teaches you how to ward off negativity while getting an elevated point of view! Delve deeply in Gargoyle symbolism and meaning to […]

Crocodile Symbolism & Meaning

Crocodile Symbolism & Meaning Are you looking to heal your mind, body, and spirit? Need to remain alert in a harsh environment? Crocodile, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Crocodile teaches you to be courageous and optimistic in the face of physical difficulties, all while helping you attune to your psychic gifts! […]

Carp Symbolism & Meaning

Carps struggle as they move their way up through the rive tributaries where they dwell; this behavior causes the aquatic creature to represent courage, ambition, and perseverance. Explore Carp symbolism and meaning now to find out more about what this creature offers you in the way of Animal Medicine and Wisdom!

Clam Symbolism & Meaning

Clams have photoreceptors serving as part of their natural system of defense. When there is a shift in light, Clam detects it, and acts accordingly, by diving for cover and hiding. As such, these creatures are symbols for self-preservation, survival, and energetic sensitivity. Explore Clam symbolism and meaning now to discover the symbolic significance of this creature when it appears in your life as an Animal Spirit Guide!

Coral Symbolism & Meaning

Coral comes in a variety of colors. Each hue gives this creature a different shade in terms of symbolic significance. Red Coral may relate to your strength and vitality, while Pink Coral might relate to matters of the heart. Find out more about Coral symbolism now to uncover the hidden meaning of these creatures and the Animal Medicine and Sacred Wisdom they share!