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BEAR Spirit Animal Carving (Standing)


Throughout the world Bear symbolism and meaning ties to courage and strength in the face of difficulty. Bear keeps you grounded and offers you wholeness in body, mind and spirit.

SIZE: 2.25″


Bear Meaning & Symbolism

Have images of Bear been showing up repeatedly in your life? This is a powerful Spirit Animal who comes with an important message.

As a Power Animal bear provides leadership. When you have to take action and feel ill prepared Bear energy supports you through that challenge. Call on Bear for backbone and muster. For people entering into parenthood, Bear medicine provides strong family protection and sound instincts that protect your young.

People born with a bear totem have a natural fearlessness and a strong core of confidence. Bear people have extraordinary power and an air of mystery. They are blunt about intent, and keen on obeying laws and honoring boundaries. Do not cross the line with Bear. They are smart, and unafraid to take to battle.

Many mystical traditions, particularly Shamanism, connect the bear with magical power. Perhaps that is why many ancients worshiped Bear Spirit, trusting it as a protector and an ally during war. Greco-Roman beliefs tie Bear to the Goddesses Diana and Artemis both of whom embody fertility.

If you have been under the weather, bear reminds you that the ability to heal lies within you. You have to step back and support your wellness. Use your personal power wisely, letting Bear guide the way. It may be time to hibernate in the comfort of your “cave” and renew your inner well. A vision quest would be a worthy endeavor with Bear as a helpmate.

In times of need Bear Animal Spirit restores courage so you can face challenges and stand your ground. Live your spiritual truth in whatever actions lie ahead. Bear is a solitary creature, so you may need to run this course alone in order to succeed. Meditate, center yourself and listen to Bear’s message.

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Bear Standing Stone Animal Figurine

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