Goldstone Bull or Ox Spirit Animal Figurine 1000x1000

BULL or OX Spirit Animal Carving


When looking to Bull or Ox symbolism and meaning as a Spirit Animal, one thing immediately comes to mind is its brazen strength. It’s not surprising that sports teams, ancient tribes and even rulers used an Ox to represent their power and aptitude. Various religions worshiped Bull and Ox spirit because of the animal’s tenacity and bravery.

SIZE: 0.78 x 1.57 x 0.78″


Ox or Bull Meaning & Symbolism

When Bull or Ox plows into our lives its rarely quiet or remotely covert. Ox is a power animal with raw UMPH! Common energetic traits associated with Ox include métier, fecundity, authority, providence and wealth (oh, and a pinch of luck for good measure). Light Workers believe that Ox enters our life to bring fertility of some kind. This could be a literal child or a “brain child”– but either way something is about to grow.

As an essential working farm beast, Ox spirit has close ties to the earth and farming practices. In the Far East, Ox represents spring and renewal so consider putting an Ox symbol in your garden so it grows fruitfully. Also call on Ox Power Animal while sowing your magickal plants. Use any resulting harvest in magic spells or rituals for serendipity and physical strength.

If you have an Bull or Ox Totem in your life you can push through nearly anything. Your determination can also pull others along with you toward a common goal when they get stuck. Remain aware of your stubborn nature, however, as you can be rather bull-headed sometimes.

Those born in the Chinese year of the Ox toil for a long time at everything from jobs to relationships. These people crave the familiar and comfortable – chaos is not welcome. The keynote to these individuals is hard work and discipline in every aspect of their lives, which often leads to success by sheer determination.

As you work with Ox medicine patience and faith are your friends. Ox endures until the goal is complete. Use your energy wisely and endeavor to maintain humility. Bull and Ox, while great animals, are truly a simple, down-to-earth spirit guide.

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Ox Stone Animal Carving

Goldstone Ox, Green Aventurine Ox, Rose Quartz Ox


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