Goldstone Dragon Spirit Animal Figurine 1000x1000

DRAGON Spirit Animal Carving


Dragon as a Power Animal, Totem or Spirit Animal comes with a fierce roar on its wings. Various cultures ascribe symbolism and meaning to the Dragon, but the Far East by far has zealously incorporated this image in art, archaeology, music, and Feng Shui (just to name a few). Feng Shui practitioners recommend Dragon images in business to bring positive, profitable energies, and Dragon spirit is the same. Additionally Dragon’s message is one of power, bravery, and stick-to-itiveness. Dragon lives a very long time – patience and wisdom are virtues it admires.

SIZE: 1.0x 1.57 x 0.56″


Dragon Meaning & Symbolism

A Dragon Guide is the master of all elements, magic and shape changing. He may be warning you that you’re getting out of balance or need to alter your reality to something truly special. Embrace your inner Dragon when you start on a new spiritual or mystical endeavor for greater insight. Remember that Dragon soars through the heavens. That’s a lot of perspective for you to process, but when you see the whole outlook – clarity shines.

Dragons naturally capture human imagination because of their complexity. There is nothing simple with Dragon medicine, and sometimes things are not what they seem. In this Dragon can sometimes be a bit of a prankster, but it’s never without a lesson attached. She is a fierce protector to those with whom she shares her insights.

Different types of Dragon Spirits house slightly different energies. Fire Dragon are alchemical. Air Dragon wings in with inspiration and a deeper connection to instinct. Earth Dragon offers providence and grounding that comes from your own aptitudes. Finally, Water Dragon reconnects you to your passions and true feelings.

Those with Dragon Totems have a strong honorable streak. They are very sensual and sexual people who long for a family. The Dragon child always seems older and wiser than his or her age. Success and luck travel with Dragon people, and those amazing humans who have earned the respect of their Animal spirit guide.

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Dragon Stone Animal Carving

Goldstone Dragon, Green Aventurine Dragon, Rose Quartz Dragon


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