red jasper horse spirit animal carving 1c 1000x1000

HORSE Spirit Animal Carving


When Horse Spirit gallops into your life it’s saddled with a message of liberation, motivation and movement unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

SIZE: 2.25″


Horse Meaning & Symbolism

The symbolism and meaning of Horse connects directly to the energy and passion of this creature. Horse prefers to be wild – moving without limitation, so when your soul is bready to break out and run like the wind – don’t be surprised to find a Horse Power Animal guiding you.

Horse represents the Masculine or God energies of the Universe, including sexual potency. Horse feels everything very deeply, and has the drive to put energy and vitality into action. A Horse Spirit Animal is a great gift when you need a push to get on with things and find your bliss. Let the Horse leap over perceived boundaries in your life, opening a path to your goals, particularly physically and emotionally.

People who resonate with Horse medicine love to express themselves and seem to never run out of energy. Being social is the name of the game – people fill you with great vibes that fill you to your toes. The only caution with Horse energy is sometimes it needs reigning – you must always remain the master of your destiny rather than circumstances driving your actions and reactions. Horse Spirit is ultimately brashly authentic about relationships, creative vision and passions – stay true to yourself.

Horse is an excellent choice in a Power Animal if you are working on sexual expression or issues. Nearly everywhere in the world Horse meanings include eroticism and sensuality. Horse helps you embrace those feelings without embarrassment, replacing uneasiness with joy.

When working with Horse energy the color of the Horse can influence the best application. A white horse speaks of purifying. White is a spiritual color that’s ideal for growing divinatory or psychic awareness. By comparison, the Black horse Totem helps you work on the shadow self – those things that sometimes you don’t even recognize.

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Horse Stone Animal Carving

Black Obsidian Horse, Green Rhyolite Horse, Picture Jasper Horse, Red Jasper Horse, Rose Quartz Horse, Tiger Eye Horse


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