Goldstone Monkey Spirit Animal Figurine 1000x1000

MONKEY Spirit Animal Carving (Baby)


The symbolism and meaning behind Monkey has to do with this creature’s social structure and personality. Monkey Spirit is very playful and smart. This Power Animal has a passion for learning too, and they have no problems stepping up to protect the young of their group. So what does this tell us when Monkey swings into our lives?

SIZE: 1.57 x 1.0 x 0.78″


Monkey Meaning & Symbolism

Monkey medicine reminds us to awaken our inner child and let that Being laugh again. Life can be serious work, but laughter truly is good soul food. The lightheartedness of Monkey contrasts with its untamed energy. Monkey has strength and can become an aggressor when needed, but that’s typically in response to perceived danger.

Monkey spirit guides show us the wisdom of play and community. They are very social animals that bond deeply within a unit, particularly their family. Monkey’s message is that your life is not an island. We need community and finding our place and purpose within that group is very important. Monkey responds to a social structure, interactions and honors both. The concept of neglecting an Elder or other parts of the troupe is unacceptable.

Light Workers see Monkey as an entertainer and somewhat of a prankster. This behavior is good-hearted and meant for the enjoyment of all. The caution with Monkey energy is that not all tricks are understood by all. Monkey as a Spirit Guide steps in when tactfulness is required rather than just a joke without thought. Besides this there is a caution with Monkey energy not to go off raging – composure is essential to problem solving. The ear-piercing Monkey may get attention, but it’s rarely the type you really want.

Finally when Monkey continually appears connected with a person or situation, it could well be that some trickery is afoot. If something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

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Monkey Stone Animal Carving Baby

Goldstone Monkey, green aventurine monkey, Rose Quartz Monkey


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