Goldstone Mouse or Rat Spirit Animal Figurine 1000x1000

MOUSE or RAT Spirit Animal Carving


Mouse spirit comes scurrying into your life silently and stealthily. This power animal’s symbolism and meaning explains this crafty behavior. In nature, Mouse is small and very vulnerable. Thus, Mouse times their hunt for food and movement very carefully, using keen instincts to guide their path. Mouse as a guide bears a similar message for us – be aware, listen to your inner voice and higher self, and let caution and silence be your allies.

SIZE: 1.0 x 1.57 x 0.59″


Mouse or Rat Meaning & Symbolism

One of the most common reasons Mouse squeaks in our ears is when there is a predator of which we may be unaware (often an emotional one). Things may seem safe, but there is something or someone that requires your full attention and inspection. Find a suitable hidey-hole and tune in all your senses to what’s really going on.

People with Mouse as a Totem animal have strong ties to the spirit realm. They depend heavily on messages from the Higher Self and the Universe for maintaining personal security. The world is filled with dangers for Mouse, and those messages sustain him through trials and tribulations. The insights from Mouse often astound – they are strikingly accurate, to the point of being a tad unnerving. Nonetheless when a Mouse person speaks their truth– you would do well to listen.

Mouse medicine and magic relies on tiny tools as a focal point. Little power crystals, shiny items, jewelry, amulets etc. all work. Mouse energy empowers these with the gifts of observation, timeliness and strong psychic aptitude. Mouse Spirit is also an excellent Power Animal for times when you need protection, security or comfort.

Ultimately Mouse symbolism bonds itself intimately with day-to-day survival. Every move Mouse makes, everything She takes interest in – even the tiniest of things – all have meaning, and all impact the quality of life. Mouse has a calculating mind to “bet” on the best course of quick action for a healthy, happy existence.

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Mouse Stone Animal Carving

Goldstone Mouse, Green Aventurine Mouse, Rose Quartz Mouse


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