green aventurine owl spirit animal carving 1b 1000x1000

OWL Spirit Animal Carving


Owl spirit is a messenger of truth. It will not be deceived. When working with Owl medicine it’s very important to remain wholly honest with yourself and others.

SIZE: 2.25″


Owl Meaning & Symbolism

The symbolism and meaning of the Owl begins in nature and mythology. Out in the wild Owl flies silently and has keen night vision. As a Spirit Animal this translates into the Owl providing us with great insights into mysteries and the ability to traverse awkward situations without a great deal of notice. In those moments when you want to be “invisible” Owl spirit becomes a helpmate.

In Greek mythology Athena’s sacred animal is an Owl. Her stories paint Athena as a Goddess of wisdom, prosperity, intelligence and learning. Owl bears all those energies in Her wings. Call on Owl as a power animal when you need intuitiveness and the ability to see beyond surface reality. Owl becomes a Shamanic guide to those who wish to explore magic deeply as well.

Additionally, when working with Owl medicine, be prepared for dramatic transitions or changes while Owl is in your life. A door is closing, but another will replace it soon enough.

Those with Owl totems have uncanny discernment and make excellent decisions as a result. Owl always looks to the heart of things, not just what others’ wish to show outwardly. The instinctual aptitude is like radar for the soul. As one might guess, Owl people are truly “night owls” who find their energy and creativity bursts through after dusk.

As Owl hoots to you take note that it is time to leave behind those things that no longer define you. Drop toxic people and situations and take to flight on the winds of change. See clearly through Owl’s eyes and embrace new possibilities and potential.

Finally Owl represents the wisdom of the Ancestors. Listen closely to Her lessons as they come from the spirit realm, and may even be a missive from a friend or family member hoping to guide you.

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Owl Stone Animal Carving

Green Aventurine Owl, Howlite Owl, Kambaba Jasper Owl, Rose Quartz Owl


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