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RABBIT Spirit Animal Carving


Rabbits’ symbolism and meaning varies greatly from culture to culture. The Chinese revere Rabbit Spirit as a creature of luck who is also aligned with fertile, lunar energy. In Chinese Astrology people born in the year of the Rabbit are said to be very creative and insightful.

SIZE: 2.25″


Rabbit Meaning & Symbolism

Rabbit as an Animal Guide is somewhat timid. Rabbit calls for a time of caution. However do not project your fears so much that you actually attract negativity. Restraint need not be couched in trepidation, rather be respectful of the potential predators and avoid that space.

When you work with Rabbit medicine it’s time to discover who and what you can truly trust, including yourself. Put down worry and re-address the situations and people who seem defiant or obstructive. Just like a Rabbit, you can hop out of the way and find a new approach. Rabbit also challenges us to get away from old, outworn patterns and habits that no longer suit our spirits. This is not an easy task as we often grow comfortable and act on reflex. Nonetheless in order to grow, leaving the past behind is nothing but essential.

Rabbit typically brings a little serendipity on his tail. You may find a new love, see financial improvements or feel a greater wholeness in body and mind. Spiritually Rabbit reconnect you to your psychic instincts. Trust your intuition, focus your mind and stay still to listen to the voice of the Divine and the Higher Self.

In nature Rabbit appears during in-between hours at dawn and dusk. As such it has an affinity with nature spirits and the fairy folk. When working Rabbit medicine those in-between moments provide greater energy and open the Paths to other realms.

Rabbit does not like to be confronted or cornered. People born with Rabbit as a totem move quickly and often unexpectedly through life. They are spontaneous, leaping at opportunities before they disappear.

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Rabbit Stone Animal Carving

Black Obsidian Rabbit, Howlite Rabbit


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