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Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal Workshop – Oct 5, 2019



During this interactive ceremony and workshop, you’ll learn to call in and connect with your (or a client’s) Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals. Once on the journey, you’ll practice using their powerful medicine and energies to:

Heal, Balance, and Align Chakras

Whether your (or a client’s) Chakras are under-active, over-active, or blocked, you can use the teachings of Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals to help get the energy flow moving smoothly and bring it back into balance.

Call in and Keep Your Soulmate

What’s preventing you from experiencing deep, lasting love with your soulmate? Discover potential partners. Learn how to attune your energy to a true soulmate vibration. Remember, whatever and whomever you’re seeking is seeking you.

Manifest Prosperity & Abundance

What will it take to make you blissful and profitable? Transform your relationship with money and financial success. Discover how to stay true to your soul’s purpose and enjoy the prosperity we are all meant to receive.

Connect with Loved Ones Who’ve Passed On

As an evidential medium and Shamanic Journey Practitioner, Bernadette enters altered states of consciousness to connect with loved ones (family, friends, pets) who’ve crossed to the other side. Her agreement with the spirit world is that they offer specific information (evidence) for Bernadette to share with clients. It is through this specific evidence Bernadette’s clients can find peace and healing, knowing their loved ones are not lost or gone forever but merely waiting till they are all reunited. You can do this, too!

Co-Create Your Perfect Career

What is your Soul Contract? What did you sign up to contribute to the world on this trip around the Medicine Wheel? Discover and release any blocks that might be keeping you from going after the career you really want. Spirit wants you to succeed and will work with you to co-create a fulfilling and financially rewarding career!

Release Toxic Relationships

Learn the final soul lessons and complete relationship contracts so you can move on. When we hold sacred space for toxic relationships, there’s no rich, fertile ground available to plant new, healthy relationships. Learn how to fill your soul’s garden up with beautiful, blooming relationships that will bring you joy, peace, and freedom.

Explore Potential Futures

Your true self wants to live in alignment, harmony, and bliss. What is your destiny track – in this life? Learn to align your energetic vibration and achieve your best possible future. Shift the perceptions and core patterns that are limiting you.

Seats are limited to so book now!

When: October 5, 2019

Time: 10am-4pm

Pricing: $125 or $165 (Signed Deck)

Where: Green Planet Farm & Gardens
14900 Stringfellow Rd
Bokeelia, Pine Island, Florida


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