Goldstone Tiger Spirit Animal Figurine 1000x1000

TIGER Spirit Animal Carving (Baby)


Some of the most common associations for Tiger include strength, bravery and self-discipline. Tiger comes to those whose time has come for fulfilling the true self and polishing your attributes and characteristics until they truly shine.

SIZE: 1.18 x 1.57 x 0.78″


Tiger Meaning & Symbolism

If Tiger Spirit has walked into your life, you may wonder about the meaning and symbolism of this proud, beautiful energy.

As a Spirit Animal Tiger says: don’t give up your dreams, rather look to see how to make them a reality. Akin to the seeker poised to take a leap of faith, Tiger challenges you. Embrace your true potential by digging down deep into your core of power.

Those born with a Tiger Totem embody strength, courage and unwavering resolve to see things through. When faced with a proverbial wall even the Tiger-by-the-tail either finds a way around it or simply springs right over. Tigers feel things very deeply but they know how to control those emotions in delicate situations. The only caution for Tiger people is a tendency toward out-right aggression when provoked by circumstances or even by feelings you don’t understand.

Call on Tiger as a Power Animal when you feel your confidence wavering. Tiger is also a great support unit when you’ve lost your “joui de vivre” or passion (be it physical or mental). Tiger tells us that our sexuality and sensuality are vital to happiness and contentment. The key is finding the best way to express yourself and feel comfortable in your stripes.

When a Tiger animal spirit activates it often signals a time when everything in your life takes unpredictable twists and turns. Life moves quickly and planning seems nearly impossible. Don’t leap to rash action or decisions, but don’t procrastinate either. Sit and wait patiently and persistently until it’s time to release the Tiger confidently.

In the Far East Tiger has various associations including sitting with the God of Wealth. Tigers protect spirits of the dead and grant peace to restless souls.

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Tiger Stone Animal Carving Sitting

Goldstone Tiger, Green Aventurine Tiger, Rose Quartz Tiger


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