Bearded Dragon Symbolism & Meaning

Are you looking to make empowered, wise decisions? Do you want to change the world? Bearded Dragon, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Bearded Dragon teaches you how to maintain mental clarity, all while teaching you how to inspire others! Delve into Bearded Dragon symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can enthuse, motivate, and illuminate you.

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Bearded Dragon Symbolism & Meaning

The Bearded Dragon shares symbolism and meaning with the ancient, mythical Dragons and all of Lizard-kind. Dragons embody authority, luck, mystery, and magic. Lizards bring adaptation, renewal, growth, change, and survival into the equation. Bearded Dragon is very welcoming and hospitable. They stand on three legs, raising the fourth and waving; it makes other Bearded Dragons aware of their presence: This symbolizes self-expression, individuality, and nonconformity.

Another trait is head-bobbing: It looks like the Bearded Dragon is enjoying a rhythm only it can hear. While the thought is charming, it is part of mating. The males quickly raise and lower their heads, trying to show dominance. Sometimes they head-butt. Should the bobbing slow down, it represents yielding. So, Bearded Dragons have a body language they understand among themselves; as such, one lesson this Animal Guide offers is how to “read between the lines” and understanding subtle, nonverbal actions.

Bearded Dragon may fluff their beards as if preparing for a clean shave; they do this sometimes without provocation. Stretching feels good, and it also makes them look more sizable when they feel defensive. Think of this as the Beardie’s version of puffing up their chests and standing straight in the face of an adversary. They know situational tactics, and this is part of Bearded Dragon’s Medicine.

When a Bearded Dragon digs in the ground, it’s just looking for a comfortable basking spot for rest and rejuvenation. Creating this space serves more than one purpose. Bearded Dragons cannot sweat, so they need to find alternative ways of regulating their body temperature, including mouth breathing and laying together. If one Bearded Dragon is feeling assertive, it may lie atop another one instead of side-by-side, blocking the warm sun rays needed for survival. It’s no wonder the Bearded Dragon represents endurance and continuance.

Bearded Dragon is not an aggressive creature by any means. Provoking even a nip takes quite a bit of undesired poking and prodding. They reflect a passivist approach to life, only responding in times of danger, sometimes hissing in response to encroachment.

Our charismatic little friend comes in a wide range of colors. The brown Bearded Dragon is earthy and grounded. Red Beardies are full of fire and passion; yellow-hope and friendship; orange-creativity and success; and white-purity and soul development. Light changes the tint of the Bearded Dragon’s skin, which aids with camouflage and hiding. Here, Bearded Dragons teach the benefit of knowing when to “stand out” and “when to blend in” to one’s surroundings.

Bearded Dragons climb well. They’re “perchers” taking to fence posts, tree limbs, and high exposed rocks to get into the warm sun; it provides the Bearded Dragon with a remarkable kinship to the Fire Element and solar energies.

Bearded Dragon sees in full color and has what equates to a photosensitive “Third Eye” on top of its head. The Dragon’s ears lie on the side of the head, providing excellent hearing. The roof of their mouth provides them with taste input and smell reception. When the Bearded Dragon lies on the ground, it senses vibrations moving through the soil. Your challenge is learning similar sensitivities in the human realm through psychic awareness.

Bearded-Dragon Spirit Animal

As a Spirit Animal, the Bearded Dragon often comes to those who are just discovering their spiritual abilities, particularly things like Clairvoyance and Psychometry. It comes as a helpmate to developing those skills. If you feel uncertain or uncomfortable with emerging gifts, the Bearded Dragon provides comfort and a knowingness. Remember, these talents have been within you all along, and they are as natural as breathing.

Individuals moving forward into new lines of study and higher learning also attract the Bearded Dragon’s attention; the creature celebrates your drive and cheers you toward success. Brilliance is a true wonder, but not always understood. The Bearded Dragon Spirit Animal helps you present yourself in ways people receive positively.

Besides the intellect, the Bearded Dragon Spirit Animal has a keen eye for a good cause and finding a sense of true purpose. The message it brings is straightforward: your soul has a mission: A contract to fulfill as you walk through the world. Now is the time for finding it. Be aware; however, as a Spirit Animal, Bearded Dragon makes you work for the sparkling morsels you receive. It doesn’t give up secrets easily. The more effort you put toward your quest, the greater the rewards will be, and they stay with you for years to come.

Friendship and hospitality are also part of the Bearded Dragon Spirit Animal’s goal in this realm. Open your arms to those you love. Wave the hand of welcoming to the lonely or saddened heart. Be like the sun, radiating warmth from the depth of your being and find the Bearded Dragon smiling happily in your dreams.

Bearded Dragon Totem Animal

Those with a Bearded Dragon Totem Animal has a fierce inner core. There is so much raw potential there, yet it’s hidden behind a small frame. The Bearded Dragon person always appears coy, cute, and filled with whimsy. No one suspects the powerhouse this individual can (and will) be but for a few in their inner circle.

If the Bearded Dragon is your Birth Totem, there is a drive to do what is kind and ethical, not just for one but many in your life. You know well enough to recognize you may not touch the entire world, but you can transform your corner of it, and that’s exactly what you set out to do. The phrase “for the good of all” is part of your living vocabulary and vision.

You love the company of family and friends and make everyone feel welcome in your sacred space of the home (be it a hovel or mansion). You are very passionate, yet always keep one foot on the ground, so those feelings don’t lead to poor decisions. Taking your time with decisions is something people have grown used to. You cannot (and will not) be rushed.

When you walk with Bearded Dragon, you are not one for confrontation. You’d much rather find a warm, sunny window and read a book as have any issues. However, when push comes to shove, you’ll put on a dramatic display hoping for it all to go away.

Psychically you’re spot on, to the point where it makes people uncomfortable sometimes. Nothing gets past you (at least not for long). Be careful with your ability. Don’t intrude. Respect people’s boundaries. Use your keen sight for self-guidance and helping those who come to you asking for greater understanding.

Bearded Dragon Power Animal

Look to your inner Bearded Dragon when you have intensely clear dreams which leave you wondering about the deeper meaning. The Bearded Dragon has insights into the dream landscape, which might otherwise elude you.

The Bearded Dragon Power Animal is quite helpful when you are doing inner workings for balancing the current reality with where you want to be in the future, especially spiritually. Working with the energy also connects you to hidden gifts, of which you may be unaware.

When you need to leave the past behind, particularly toxic issues and relationships, Bearded Dragon Power Animal can offer aid. You can learn to “drop your tail” figuratively, to leave your baggage behind, move on and regenerate into a new level, into a new life.

Global Bearded Dragon Symbolic Meanings

The Bearded Dragon does not seem to have stories of its own. We lump together the creature with all other lizards for symbolic and story-telling purposes. It is up to the spiritual seeker to understand and discern their Bearded Dragon Animal helper through diligent efforts. Meditate and allow the Bearded Dragon’s lessons appear in that space.

Bearded Dragon Dreams

While a rare creature found in dreams, seeing the Bearded Dragon has complex nuances. A lot depends on the backdrop and what the Beardie is doing in the dream. Some feel any lizard represents the Male aspect and sexual drive, but your dream could be different.

Say, for example, the Bearded Dragon waves in your dream; it could be an omen of someone coming to visit, perhaps an old friend who brings joy to your life. Consider what direction the Beardie stares in the dream. It may give you hints about from where this person comes.

When the Bearded Dragon lies in the sun with its head up, it’s a good sign for relaxation. You have a moment to pause, reflect, rest, and soak up good “vibes.” Enjoy it!

If the Bearded Dragon appears pacing in your dream, it means you are worrying about something, often spiritual in nature. What is lying so heavy on your mind and soul? Direct your attention to that matter or person.

For some, the Bearded Dragon in your dream is an ancestor or other Spirit coming with a message. Take heed.

Bearded Dragon Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Communication (Body Language)
  • Courage & Endurance
  • Friendship & Hospitality
  • Humor
  • Knowing & Perception
  • Loyalty
  • Luck
  • Magic
  • Old Souls
  • Peace

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