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Frog Symbolism & Meaning

When Frog appears it’s time to sing your soul song! Need help belting out your truth? Powerful Frog energy can help you jump right in there and be heard!

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Frog Symbolism & Meaning

Frog spirit brings us into a deeper connection with our feelings, perspectives and our ability to purge negativity from our lives be that “dis-ease” spiritual, mental or physical.

Frog cannot endure a toxic environment and challenges you to release those emotions (like anger, hatred, bitterness, etc.) that hold you back. These outlooks show up in a person’s aura like dark splotches and, in turn, decrease our natural protective and intuitive abilities.

Frog spirit often comes to people who are simply not taking care of themselves the way they should. Sometimes this relates to diet, exercise and lifestyle. In other cases it may relate to a relationship on which you’re spending too much energy with little return. In both cases it’s time for a change. Step back and take the time to consider new ideas and outlooks. Just like the tadpole, you’re about to grow into something new and wonderful.

The Goddess of love in Rome, Venus, held Frogs as sacred. This symbolism speaks of self-love too! In the story of the Frog prince we see the young maiden willing to give her hand in marriage to the Frog in order to save her mother. She was rewarded when the Frog turned into a handsome prince. Here we see remarkable selflessness and the ability to see beyond surface reality to potentials.

From a shamanic perspective Frog is a walker between two worlds – water and earth. As a predominantly night creature Frog has strong ties to the moon. This creature’s songs bring in the rain, and work his special magic. It is a joyous celebration of earth’s nurturing, cleansing and renewal. Let Frog help you find your soul song.

In nature Frogs are harbingers of spring. They hide beneath snow until things begin to melt. Then the males begin announcing their intention to the females, followed later by a hearty group of bouncing baby Frogs who live in the melted snow and mud. This is one of the reasons that Frogs represent birth and fertility.

Finally, if Frogs leave an area its regarded as a bad omen of some type of natural disaster ahead.

Frog Spirit Animal

When Frog makes an appearance as a Spirit Animal he comes to remind us of our connection to the earth and the seasons. You may find yourself going through a time of growth and transformation, guided by the Frog’s alluring song.

Another reason for Frog’s appearance could be your finances. When you’re in a jam, Frog Spirit seems to loosen purse strings and bring a bit of much welcome luck as it hops along your Path.

The symbolism for this idea stems from the tadpole’s similarity to a male sperm. Sperm is the “fertilizer” which helps bring about life – hence abundance of all types are accredited to Frog’s symbolic meaning.

Frog as an Animal Spirit Guide may be coaxing you toward a physical or emotional cleansing. Detox, cry until you find peace. Look for a mantra or chant aimed at purification and healing so you can sing with Frog back to wholeness.

But remember, Frogs can jump 50 times their own body length. You have the strength to swim through those murky waters my friend and Frog Spirit is there to help support you.

Frog Totem Animal

Frog people have the capacity to “jump to it” and uncover opportunities. You face difficult situations swimmingly, something others find unique and remarkable.

Frog’s ties to home are tight, particularly with elders of the family. If Frog is your Totem you’ll want to build and strengthen your circle as that feeds your soul.

Those born with a Frog Totem have natural intuitive senses and require strong connections with the Spirit realm to maintain their power and vision.

As that bond between you, your Higher Self, Angels or the Divine strengthens so will your ability to give helpful advice. Perhaps this is due to Frogs’ uncanny hearing abilities. Because it is so acute, it’s said Frogs can “hear beyond the veil”.

What ancient, esoteric wisdom can your Frog Totem sing to you?

Frog Power Animal

Frog becomes an excellent helpmate on which to call when you really need to re-order your priorities, state your truth effectively, and adjust your lifestyle. When going through transformations, this Power Animal supports healthy emotions and the ability to handle struggles with grace.

Invoke Frog as your Power Animal when you need with communication, particularly being able to express intense emotion and have it understood by others clearly.

Frog medicine reminds us to celebrate life in all its incarnations, and remove the barriers that keep us from growth and healing.

Native American Frog Symbolic Meanings

Native American meanings for Frog have commonalities with Celtic symbolism. This medicine animal brings rain and can heal. In one example of folk traditions, Shamans used Frogs for curing coughs. The Shaman would put a Frog in an ailing person’s mouth, recite sacred words, then command the Frog to “hop away” with the sickness (this is a type of disease transference). That is how we come by the phrase, “a Frog in my throat.”

Other Native American meanings for Frog spirit include fertility, prosperity, rebirth and growth. Tribes that have Frog clans include Zuni, Tlingit, Creek and Chippewa.

Frog as a Celtic Animal Symbol

Because water sources (wells, rivers, etc.) were so sacred to the Celts, Frogs were often referred to in Celtic stories as rulers of the Earth. They also gave Frog the symbolism of healing and cleansing.

Frog Dreams

Interpreting dreams of Frog spirit depend heavily on what you and/or the Frog are doing. For example, a Frog moving from lily pad to lily pad speaks of transience. This dream comes to people who don’t stay in one place (or job, or relationship) very long.

Far Eastern Frog Symbolic Meanings

Far Eastern symbolism depict the Frog as a feminine spirit (yin). In both China and Japan Frog brings prosperity and good luck. Stories tell us that the money Frog of China was the favored pet for the God of Wealth. In Feng Shui the best placement for Frog figurines at home is near the front door where they can welcome positive chi and wealth.

People in Japan often don Frog amulets for fortune or safety in travel.

In Asian cultures it is thought that a Frog’s croaking brings the rain so they are associated with crop growth and good harvests.

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  1. Dorothy Tiller September 19, 2017 at 2:06 am - Reply

    I dreamed that a grey frog jump from the floor into the wall in my bedroom. I then woke up. Can you please shed some light on this for me to have more understanding on the meaning. Thank you in advance for your help

  2. Jim October 23, 2017 at 9:49 pm - Reply

    I was the first person at work, as I usually am, and after clocking in I was walking in the hallway, and looked down to see a small albino frog indoors. I’m not sure how it got there but I helped it outside, can someone help me with what this could mean, what’s the odds of seeing a frog indoors let alone it being albino, never seen one before so I thought maybe it’s a sign of some kind, thanks for any help.

  3. Evangelist Sandra Rollins November 28, 2017 at 1:26 pm - Reply

    What dose it mean To dream two nights a but a lot of Frogs and grasshopper all over the house falling from the sky….

  4. Corinna Ness December 24, 2017 at 5:25 am - Reply

    i dreamed that in my old bedroom at mum’s house i opened my drawer to find a toad it was already sitting on a dust pan for me to put it outside as I use one in waking life to get them out my house! but also in my dream a black cat at the back door that
    didnt want to go outside and was using the cat litter tray could you possible tell me what you think??? corinna x

  5. Heloisa March 2, 2018 at 4:40 am - Reply

    Very interesting all that I found out about the spirit of the frog. Three years ago I had a physical encounter with a little frog inside the house I was sleeping in the middle of the woods and all by myself. I freaked out the whole night with his loud calls or cries and in fear he would jump on me during the night. These happened for 2 or 3 nights and my level of stress was so intense, that when I return home I start feeling this pulling, tightness and trembling on the right side of my face and eye. The neurologist described as partial facial paralysis. It has been very hard to live with this and because of that I have since been releasing what the: “Frog cannot endure a toxic environment and challenges you to release those emotions (like anger, hatred, bitterness, etc.) that hold you back.” Only now after talking to a friend about it, he suggested that I check the “Frog” in shamanism and I found this. A lot that I read relate to me and the interesting thing is the healing part, as I am in the healing arts and a medicine woman, but my experience with the frog made me sick per say and I am trying to understand and work as I need to learn what I need to learn, to overcome this. Can a session with you would help? Have you ever heard anything like that before? Any suggestion or comment would be deeply appreciated.

  6. ginseng March 14, 2018 at 6:26 pm - Reply

    Is there meaning if a frog shows up in your house dead? Like I did not know how it got in the house, did not hear it, it was dead on it’s back right in front of the closed screen door. The frog was a small one, but a pretty well fed frog large size for a small frog. It could be he was attracted to the warm house on a cold rainy day and he was a grandpa frog, then just found a nice warm place to die of old age.

  7. Celine March 18, 2018 at 12:26 am - Reply

    Hello I’m just wondering can any one help me with my question?
    What does frogspawn mean?
    There was lots of frogspawn outside my back door I try to save as much as it as I could and put it in water.
    I can help feeling there is a deep message for me as this is a very rare thing I think
    Thank you

  8. Emrys May 19, 2018 at 7:23 pm - Reply

    Excellent insights, thank you.


  9. Terry Susan June 24, 2018 at 10:47 am - Reply

    Hi, please help me understand the meaning of dreaming with three frog’s on the wall

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