Gecko Symbolism & Meaning

Is a lack of flexibility holding you back from achieving your goals? Having trouble adapting to transitions at work or in relationships? Gecko as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Gecko teaches you how to avoid rigidity and to maintain your poise when rapid change occurs. Delve deeply into Gecko symbolism and meaning to find out how this Spirit Animal Guide can inspire, support, and encourage you!

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Gecko Symbolism & Meaning

Lizards (in all their glorious forms) have major Shamanic significance illustrated in myths, mysticism, and magic. Gecko plays thought-provoking roles in these sagas and symbolism. For example, Shamans say that Gecko’s specifically are dream keepers who whisper esoteric secrets to fortunate humans while they sleep.

In Greek and Egypt, Lizard represented keen-mindedness and luck, with the Egyptian hieroglyph of the Lizard translating as “plentiful.” The Romans considered Lizard a tough, hardy creature since they thought it slept all winter with no ill effects. Mediterranean people see Lizards as old, trusted family friends or kin.

The Latin term for Gecko means life, fortune, and renewal. Talk about positivity! Conversely, Polynesians weren’t sure what to think of the bobbing motion of this creature, which they interpreted as Gecko laughing at human folly and a negative omen.

The most prominent physical attribute of Gecko is also a major part of its symbolic value–the ability to regrow its tail quickly. They lose their tail as a protective measure but then regenerate it. This is akin to life’s circle and patterns where we sometimes lose something, only to find it again (and perhaps, even in an improved form, like love!).

The Gecko’s incredible reanimating tail lead to ideas about the Gecko being a shapeshifter. This creature’s color changes throughout the year caused by molting further supported this concept. For Gecko, ongoing transformation is perfectly normal, and it gives them strong connections with the Wheel of Time from birth to death and then metamorphosis. Shamans also say that Gecko’s are dream keepers who whisper esoteric secrets to fortunate humans while they sleep.

Geckos inspired several superstitions that add to their symbolic value. People in Spain and Portugal sometimes keep an image of a Gecko on the wall or a table feeling it attracts good fortune much as other people might use a horseshoe over a doorway. Wearing Gecko charms also brings improved fortune.

When a pregnant woman sees a Gecko in the house, it’s a positive omen of a child that lives a long, happy life. Keeping the image of a Gecko in a barn protects the animals from snakes. Never harm a Gecko. This brings unhappiness, illness, or other misfortune. And, if you find a Gecko tail, put it in your left shoe for wealth and joy.

Among Filipinos having a Gecko set up a living space in your bedroom is an auspicious sign. Truthfully, the Gecko nibbling up annoying insects is the origin of this belief, but it doesn’t stop there. Two Geckos are twice the blessing, and if one falls at your feet… well, get ready for something astounding and wonderful.

Gecko Spirit Animal

If Gecko Spirit Animal has come into your life, change, renewal, and rebirth are at hand, so be ready to adapt and stay flexible. Being too rigid in this situation will do you no good. In fact, it could set you back from a treasured personal goal. Gecko is here as a helpmate so you can greet this transition gracefully and wisely. Growing can be uncomfortable sometimes, but the rewards are timeless treasures.

A second gift the Gecko Spirit Animal offers via its guidance is that of quick action and dexterity. They climb just about everywhere thanks to having sticky fingers that attach to various surfaces with ease (Teflon being a notable exception). If your figurative terrain shifts for reasons unexplained or expected, Gecko comes shows you how to remain sure-footed. Gecko also makes certain you can quickly adapt to the new landscape and move in response to all trials. However, Gecko knows there are limits. You will have to respect and work within them.

Gecko Spirit Animal is an adaptable companion for different environments. Here, the Being may come when the emotional vibrations changed quickly, and your coping mechanisms seem wanting; it is at these times Gecko lesson of camouflaging and blending into the background serve you well until things settle down.

If you have been facing a time of financial need, Gecko helps pinch those pennies. They are resourceful and thrifty. You will never find a Gecko being picky about food or shelter. They will use whatever “tools” come their way for survival. So, let Gecko Spirit teach you a few exceptional methods that will get you through this’ sometimes, it’s just a matter of looking at things with an eye for potential.

Last, Gecko may come to you when you require a little more insight into how to handle an unclear and complex situation. Gecko senses minor changes in the world through vibrations; this Spirit gives you many, clever ideas about using shrewdness to your advantage without harming others.

Gecko Totem Animal

Those people with a Gecko Totem Animal are clever, astute, and resourceful but never arrogant about it. There is a deep humility in this person’s spirit, and they are easygoing when engaging in all life offers. Gecko people are also natural observers. It is very hard to trick or deceive them. Planning a surprise party? Don’t. Just tell them about it. They’ll be just as appreciative.

If the Gecko is your Birth Totem, you are a private person, and you are careful about how much you tell people about yourself. You’re talkative but not revealing; that’s okay. A little of mystery keeps things interesting. You attract strangers, acquaintances, and friends alike because you’re smart, gifted, and open to new experiences. In fact, you may have that proverbial Gypsy soul that craves seeing and trying everything possible.

Walking with Gecko within means using the best opportunities that every day presents and running with them. Having a great budget helps, but you can take toothpicks and somehow make a house out of them when the conditions warrant it. And that challenge doesn’t faze you one bit! What happens when something goes awry? You just turn on a dime, make a sound decision, and move on. Gecko Medicine is all about positive modification, adjustments, and smooth transitions. Nothing gets in the way or slows down your progress unless it’s urgent.

One caution for Gecko people is that there is some Trickster energy in your system. You know how to manipulate matters well if you give into selfishness. You also know how to recite a tall tale and make it sound real. It’s important that in serious situations where people’s feelings are on the line you let down your mask and keep it honest. Use your charm, listen, and remain tactful. While you are self-reliant, not everyone has the same self-discipline and capacity as you do.

Throughout their life, the Gecko person moves quickly. Whatever life tosses at them, they figure it out even if it means breaking away from something secure. Geckos also have a little serendipity in their aura that manifests at the most perfect times.

Gecko Power Animal

Call on the Gecko energy within when you need “street smarts” in any new situation. The Gecko Power Animal highlights your resourcefulness and solution-finding capabilities when you find your options wanting.
Invoke Gecko from deep within your soul when you are working on your sensitivity to energy changes, such as learning auric reading or balancing. With Gecko as your power animal, you may find yourself investing in a path or position, but also knowing you have to adjust it. Gecko’s lessons as a Power Animal provide greater flexibility and decreases stress.

If you need motivation or courage, Gecko has these in abundance along with a little shrewdness for good measure. Also, in your Career, Gecko is a fantastic guide and teacher, particularly if you want to be more effective when you evaluate your options.

Native American Gecko Symbolic Meanings

While Native American Tradition doesn’t mention Gecko specifically, Lizards appear often in Native lore. The Plains people see Lizard as a healer and survivalist. Tribes on the West Coast include Lizard as one of the Animals who figure into creation myths. Navajo and other Southwestern stories illustrate Lizard as a medicine animal, hero, luck-bringer, and protector (particularly for children and babies).

Hawaiian & Polynesian Gecko Symbolic Meanings

Of some 900 species of Geckos in the world, only eight landed in Hawaii. Since Geckos are gentle creatures with impressive recuperative abilities, the Hawaiians respected Gecko in their own right. Beyond that, however, they are living representatives of the Mo’o, a great magical Lizard. The Mo’o appears in stories throughout Polynesia, with powers that mirror that of a Dragon in the Far East. Gecko was but one of Mo’o’s manifestations.

The Mo’o was part of the communication system between the human world and the gods, acting as mediators. Images of the Mo’o’s appeared traditionally as a guardian: A spirit given the same reverence as the Shark or Hawk. The natives felt that these portraits pleased the Gods and therefore brought life and happiness. Wisdom from Mo’o often came through dreams.

The Mo’o stands some 20 feet tall. It lives in ponds, manifesting as foam, and one should never fish when those bubbles appear. This great Geico eats sacred Awa root, ensuring pure delight. One can see Mo’o in the first spark of an altar’s fire. Mo’o appeared in the garden of Eden too!

Even today the Gecko Spirit remains one that bears kind wisdom along with luck to those who listen.

Gecko Dreams

Gecko appearing in your dreams has several potential interpretations. One is that there is something in your life you feel you can’t shake, like an unfounded fear. Or, it may be a person/group that won’t leave you alone and expect you to reflect their values, behaviors, and ideas. Both things are not healthy for you.

If the Gecko in your dream represents “you,” maybe you are being too much of stick-in-the-mud or insert yourself into other people’s outings and adventures. They don’t appreciate it and will disappear if your behavior doesn’t change.

Consider anything in the dream to which the Gecko pays attention. Remember, Gecko picks up on energy. So, whatever they look at is something to which you should focus upon too.

If a Gecko’s movement is swift in the dream, it portends an upcoming situation or decision requiring fast movement. Think on your feet; stay on your toes.

Should the Gecko appear without a tail, it’s a sign of escape. You need to get out of a situation if you have not done so already. There is a danger. Don’t worry about what you leave behind (your tail). Life will help you re-grow and improve once you have accepted this necessity. No good will come from remaining out of some ill-conceived sense of responsibility or attachment.

When the Gecko in your dream is inside your home or personal space, it is a sign of fantastic things ahead. You’ll have fresh ideas, improved strength and meet people who support your views and lifestyle.

Dreams where a Gecko is hiding and observing act as a warning. Someone is watching you and looking for an opportunity. Pull that person out into the light of day for a serious sit-down.

Gecko may come to you in dreams when you are about to go on a spiritual journey, one revealing some matters or insights previously elusive to you.

A Gecko appearing on a car in your dream represents fortune and fertility.

If the Gecko in your dream is in the shadows with its back turned to you it reflects emotional coldness, especially in communications. This may be within yourself or coming from someone else.

If Gecko attacks you in the dream, it represents a loss an enemy may cause. If you attack a Gecko, it implies imposing injury on yourself; remain alert.

Catching a Gecko and cupping it in your hands in your dream indicates good things for your relationship, including pairing with a positive, kind-hearted partner.

Seeing a huge Gecko in your dream implies you perceive some struggle or danger that’s too big for you to handle on your own. Reach out to trusted people for help and support.

Geckos come in different colors. The orange one in a dream means you’ll overcome the odds. A red one speaks of passions, often physical. Watch the Gecko’s actions for more insight. The yellow Gecko is full of cheer and friendship and the Leopard Gecko (orange with black) portends happiness.

Far Eastern Gecko Symbolic Meanings

Throughout China, you will see gold or silver Geckos all over automobile surfaces. Usually, they’re on the rear of the trunk or on the frame near the back window. Why is this? Well, in Mandarin, the word for “Gecko” sounds just like the word for “Avoiding disaster.” Talk about a great amulet for a vehicle! Meanwhile, in Japan, the Gecko is an honored house guardian.

Gecko Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Abundance
  • Adaptation
  • Agility
  • Alertness
  • Blessings
  • Camouflage
  • Change
  • Cunning
  • Dexterity
  • Dreams
  • Flexibility
  • Luck
  • Omens & Signs
  • Metamorphosis
  • Mysticism
  • Regeneration
  • Resilience
  • Skill
  • Speed
  • Transformation