Iguana Symbolism & Meaning

Feeling the need to retreat from the world? Seeking a better balance between relaxation and work? Iguana as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Iguana teaches how to live a harmonious existence! Delve deeply in Iguana symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can calm, soothe, and relax you!

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Iguana Symbolism & Meaning

“The lizard sticks its tongue out because that’s the way its listening and looking and tasting its environment. It’s its means of appreciating what’s in front of it.”
– William Shatner

If you have ever watched an Iguana bathing in the sunlight, he seems perfectly content. There is no rushing, just living in the moment. Iguana is perfectly aware of when the sun rises and sets, knowing that is her rhythm too. This is a life filled with acceptance.

Imagine for a moment the Iguana lazing in a deck chair with a book, finger food, and a cool drink. That’s kind of the human equivalent regarding energy. Iguana brings us back into balance between our responsibilities and the opportunity to relax.

Another observation of Iguana reveals that while at first, they seem to be doing nothing, Iguana, in fact, is watching everything. This creature has keen eyesight capable of seeing changes in lighting, distinct shapes, and movement. In the wild, this not only helps them find food, but they use their eyes as a means of communication among their own.

People can learn these subtle cues. There is a definite glare when the Iguana is annoyed. A content Iguana may rest on a person’s shoulder with one eye open, not because they are worried about their human but rather to watch what’s nearby. And, when Iguana feels overwhelmed, he may tuck himself into space, closing his eyes to recoup.

Iguana Spirit is also a true master of physical communication. Posture, bobbing, strutting, standing up high or flatting down – each of these has a distinct meaning. A standing position implies high alert. Crouching denotes surprise. Should the Iguana arch to reach your hand – start petting! After some time with Iguana, you can truly come to understand their language. For humans, this correlates to being aware of our stance and movements and what they intimate in various situations.

Another body part the Iguana uses for expression, and that’s the dewlap – the fold of skin hanging below his neck. When held close to the neck, this represents a figurative white flag because it makes the Iguana look less threatening. When the dewlap extends rigidly, on the other hand, the Iguana is making it very clear they’ve gone into defensive mode. And our lizard friend’s expertise doesn’t end there.

Male Iguanas put on a swagger that makes him seem taller to impress a perceived threat. Tail twitching may accompany this. When you think about it, that’s quite a vocabulary that also reminds us that we have MANY ways of making our intentions known. If one doesn’t work – try another!

Iguanas are perhaps best known for their ability to blend into the background. They move into a space that provides protection and hiding taking care to move little, until the dangers pass. This equates to our daily lives when we feel like the spotlight is shining a little too brightly. It’s ok to retreat and collect yourself.

Some keywords and characteristics associated with Iguana Medicine include appreciation, awareness, camouflage, clean breaks, confidence, contemplation, contentment, curiosity, cycles, detachment, expectation, introspection, patience, serenity, thought, and watchfulness.

Finally, the Iguana has quite a trick literally of the tail! When a predator has a foothold on his tail, the Iguana can simply release it and scamper away. When it breaks cleanly, it can grow back representing decisive change and renewal.

Iguana Spirit Animal

When Iguana Spirit Animal arrives in your life, it’s usually a message to stop fussing so much. This is a moment for stillness and observation. Begin discerning those things of which you are not normally aware. Also, open yourself to the simple beauties around us all the time.

The Iguana guide may be asking you a question about what makes you happy. Did you know that Iguanas love specific types of music? They also have spots on their body that they prefer scratched. So what little things can you do daily to release your joy? Sing to the trees. Skip down the sidewalk. Talk to a random bird. Really, cheer and contentment come in many forms.

As an Iguana grows, it sheds their skin. Have you recently gone through a period of personal growth but still have that old skin on that’s two sizes too small? You have to release it; otherwise, you remain bound to the past in unhealthy ways.

The Iguana may also have a lesson for you in trusting your psychic insights and intuition. This Spirit Animal’s watchfulness translates very well into the Spiritual realm. And like the Iguana, we can still remain wholly aware of our earthly surroundings in this exploration.

Akin to the Iguana releasing its tail it also knows how to play dead. When threatened or experiencing shock, Iguana just lays still, seeming as if there is no breath left. This is a form of protection or surrender depending on how you look at it. We all have battles, but some simply can’t be won. Know when you should step down and wait until the chaos passes before you jump back into the moment.

Iguana Totem Animal

Those born with the Iguana Totem Animal always seem at ease, even when busy. It’s nearly impossible to sneak up on them or surprise them because of a nearly eerie awareness. There is also little that truly frightens the Iguana soul. They have learned the lesson of adaptation and contemplation before jumping into negative emotions.

If this is your Birth Totem, you have a knack for showing people how to find fulfillment even in small ways. The Iguana Spirit knows our natures – physical, emotional and Spiritual.

Understanding those three realistically is part of what leads to happiness. The word of each moment is gratitude.

Walking with the Iguana means that you are probably a sun worshipper. You love that energy. Basking, reflecting, enjoying. Iguana knows how to simply BE.

Those with the Iguana Birth Totem prefer cooperation to combat any day. You have a deep sense of your place in things and have found comfort in that. Some may try to uproot your center, without much success. You are not one who rattles very easily.

Additionally, the Iguana Totem is not one who rushes. You have your own pace. In fact, you prefer going slowly, so you don’t miss things. Some interpret this as laziness, but that certainly isn’t that case. It is one means of avoiding drama.

Even though Iguana people have effective means of getting away, they also have pretty sound mettle. The only problem is that when you become provoked, it may lead to emotional coldness. Whoever is at the center of this focus should know that warming back up takes a bit of time.

Overall those with an Iguana Totem Animal are gentle, compassionate, shrewd and wise. These are gifts that are extremely useful in daily life. They are also characteristics that feed your own well-being.

Iguana Power Animal

Some of the reasons for which you may wish to call on Iguana Power Animal for aid include:

  • Living thankfully.
  • Finding a way to hide when you are over-exposed and in danger.
  • Reducing petty worries.
  • Improving your awareness of silent language signals.
  • Manifesting contentment and compassion.
  • Improving your observation skills both physically and psychically.
  • Becoming more patient.
  • Lowering stress levels.
  • Facing a clean break from the past courageously.

Native American Iguana Symbolic Meanings

While we don’t see much about Iguana specifically, lizard certainly appear in positive ways in Native folklore. The Plains people consider lizards a symbol for healing and survival and often use it as a child’s amulet. In other settings including California Natives, lizards take place in creation stories. Both the Hopi and Pueblo tribes have lizard clans.

For the Mayans, the Iguana as well as other lizards,were well-known. Perhaps this is why they created an Astrological sign of the Lizard (Iguana). This Zodiac designation comes under the dominion of the Fire Element and the direction of the South (See more below on the Iguana in Mayan Astrology).

Iguana as a Mexican & Peruvian Animal Symbol

There is a dance among the Afro-Mexicans called Tixtla. This performance mimics that movements of various important animals including the Iguana. This activity likely began in Africa, traveling to the New World in the 1800s.

In Peru, Iguana has an important role in the myths and legends of the Moche people. Here Iguana appears to be a companion to the divine being, Wrinkle Face. The motif of these two companions appears repeatedly in various arts including ceramics. The mystery of Wrinkle Face and Iguana may remain as such because the Moche had no written language. What we do know is that Iguana and Wrinkle face appear in nearly every depiction of daily human life from hunting to rituals and sex.

Iguana Dreams

If the Iguana in your dreams has his dewlap close and seems to be flatting himself, this dream talks about personal fears. Someone is feeding your sense of self-importance. This situation may be serious enough that you see no way of escaping it. Time to release that tail and skitter quickly to safety.

Having a pet Iguana in a dream may have just the opposite meaning, Here, the caged Iguana symbolizes manipulating someone into staying with you. You must release your control here if your relationship has any hope of succeeding.

Should the Iguana seem intent on watching something, see if you can follow his eyes? There is a problem here in which you need staunch determination. Be ready to be fierce. You will survive this. Remember that Iguana is exceptionally durable and knowledgeable in self-preservation.

When the dream Iguana appears to be looking in one direction then the next it means that you are either moving too quickly on a decision or not quickly enough.

Iguana in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

In Mayan Astrology, those born between December 13 – January 9 are Iguanas. These are people of strength, observance, problem-solving, knowledge and honor. Those born under the sign of the Iguana tend to be prosperous, practical, and great business people. Negativity isn’t really in their wheelhouse.

Iguana Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Appreciation
  • Awareness
  • Camouflage
  • Confidence
  • Contemplation
  • Contentment
  • Curiosity
  • Detachment
  • Serenity
  • Thought

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