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  • Wasn't there a topic or forum this week concerning "death" or "crossing over". I got busy and couldn't read it that day and now I can't find the forum. Whatever the title was made me think of a death duola.
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    Aaaahhhh.... It must be! I'll go take a look now. Thank you 😘
    Yaay thank you for giving me something to read tonight. Death doula. My grandma always fled to the bedside of the dying. I oftentimes went with her. It was just lots of love and prayers. But she always dropped everything she was doing to be at their side. She was the rock of the family for a reason.
    Since this post I guess Facebook was listening 🤪 bcz a page called Always with Love came across my feed with a beautiful story posted on Sept 5th by a Death Doula. Wanted to pass that along if you were interested.
    Smiley was adopted!!! Last month I posted about surrendering Smiley and that he had eye surgery and asked for good juju, vibes, etc.... Y'all, I just found out via social media that he's been adopted!!! I am beyond grateful!!! Thank you all for help making this happen.


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    Healing/comforting vibes for this baby, please. He found us April & since learned he has feline aids & inverted eyelids.Today we surrendered him to a no kill facility where he got an operation to correct his eyelids.He'll go to a foster home then a furever home.We named him Smiley & he's made a lot of people smile.


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