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  • well I just found out what heck is going on with me and my body. Found out I have Psoriasis. Finding out my parents have it too. Greatful to know and now learning information and going through adjustments. Either way still staying positive. I am Greatful I am alive and well. My children at least know in case it's passed on to them. yes momma bear rooster is coming out. learning my lesson's. ❤💚💜💙💛🌹🌻
    Mark Ravenheart
    Mark Ravenheart
    I am happy that at least now you know what you are dealing with and can get proper (holistic) treatment. I don't know much about psoriasis, but I hope you are able to heal and be free of any limitations. 💚💙💜
    C c
    C c
    Starts with gut health
    I seen this bird yesterday. it was beautiful! I do not know what bird it is.


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    last night light was flashed above me then moth landed on me. i seen a butterfly. then I go check on my daughter she was on Minecraft with group of kids. She was showing me the world they created together. the room was called the butterfly. So I said hello to them all. told them how amazing and creative they all where.sending ❤ty. told them to stay positive. keep being themselves. i think they needed to hear that.
    cherry b
    took time out today relaxed watched nature. love to watch animals got new bird comes around with the sparrows. new beautiful cardinal. enjoy. going tea garden later. beautiful place I post pics later. I added our fur baby bangles.


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    • Love
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    beautiful day here took pics saw a green lizard too lol had get out for a walk fresh air.


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