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Mama Bear
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  • Hi Mama Bear! Just in case you or anyone has stuff they wanted to ship to Australia:

    "Impacts on Shipments Going to Australia​

    Australia has blocked First Class Package International shipments from entering the country; shippers still have other options to get packages to Australian customers"
    seriously! I was just taking a bathroom break and thought "I need to tell her my name is Gabrielle" as in Gabriel the archangel Warrior of God. then as I just got back and hit play your talking about angels and said we need warriors!!!
    2/2 In one of my own shower trances IM SHAKING RIGHT NOW AS IM TYPING anyway I received a very clear message that this is about being Soldiers of Light and a world wide acknowledged force of power in this dimension. I hope we can talk! MAJOR CHILLS RIGHT NOW
    MAMA BEAR this is an SOS bc I just had to stop everything in my tracks when you said you were building an army. Please contact me. Im a fellow shamanic practitioner and have been for my entire life. and many visions of the native americans. experience with aliens. I just need to word vomit so much info to you! lol.
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    Hi. I lost my birth mother in 2017. She was a Scorpio native-born 11/11/1936. I see signs such as the numbers 11:11 repeatedly and I am reminded of her. I thot it was nice synchronicity that you are "Mama" Bear and are also Scorpio.

    I am thankful for you. I hope you are having a wonderful vacation. I love and appreciate you for all that you do. So this is just me, saying thank you!
    Omg i don’t know why but it’s my second time dreaming you this week Bernadette! It’s sooo unexpected… it’s funny !!! Hope you don’t see this weird but omg I never expect to see you in a dream.


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    Your head was floating in the center of a purple/indigo/blue mandala… and you said “why are you here (on earth) “ giving me a pep talk really catched me off guard … it’s was a real fun thing to see :) hahaha hope you’re not weirded out by me hahahaaha I just find This silly and Find dreams fascinating 💖
    I'm kinda' baaackkk! LOL Thanks for all the love and support! Energetic apex met! (I call it that instead of the word 'deadline' - can't stand that word and intention!). I know it's because of all the emails, texts, PMs that me and my team (in this world and on the other side) were able to push through and create something we really believe is magical. Now let's hope the powers that be see it the same way! Arrrooooo!
    Hi Bernadette, in here I use my real name , in chat I go by gypsynana... my name is tina Nicolosi and my address is 10 grace st methuen, ma 01844. I am honored that you chose me.. I have been working on a gift for you for your new backyard sanctuary, it's a rainbow suncatcher.. I was going to ask maureen just today where I could send it..
    Tina n
    Tina n
    I've been visiting every day for a long time but it took me a while to join the chat
    Mama Bear
    Mama Bear
    First, congrats! Your deck goes out today!

    Oh wow!!!! Just, WOW! Thank you so very much for the gift! I LOVE handmade ANYTHING! I have to stay off Etsy and Pinterest or my bank account would explode and I'd go a month with out showering or eating! I'd just sit and look at the amazing creations people make! LOL

    I'll email you my address!
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    Tina n
    Tina n
    I truly hope you like it, I started it awhile ago when you mentioned your back yard "sanctuary " :) you give so much to so many, myself included , (I really thought I had lost "me" and your daily chats helped a lot !) I just wanted to show my gratitude and give a little in return ... many blessings and much love ..
    Hello Bernadette! 1st of all ILY. I wrote a couple comments on YouTube but havent had a real chance to communicate with you yet.
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    My name is Dustin. I am 27, live in MO and a pisces. You have helped me in such a powerful way I can not even describe. Thank you is not enough, I am a shaman too, psychic, I have medium abilities, and just got my ark tarot deck and absolutely love it. It is already helping me and my fiancee in powerful ways. I cant wait to help others with it.
    Spirit came to me and wanted me to reward you. I have a message for you. Its an idea, it will make you a lot of money. I don't care about money and i know you are not motivated by greed, but you deserve a reward and the more you get, the more you give. If you are willing lmk where i can write you, like an email if that is okay. Or on here, I just dont want other people to see this. Thanks
    Mama Bear
    Mama Bear
    Arroooo, ShamanKing222!

    Holy frijoles! I JUST saw your post! Oh I'm sooo happy the Animal Allies are already helping you and yours! When's the wedding? Mama Bear (that's my AKA) LOVES weddings!

    Please feel free to email me - howl at wildpackwisdom.com

    Thank you for receiving a message for me. I'd love to make a ton of money so I can pass it on to the animal causes I support! Yayyy!!!!!

    Stay wild,
    Hi Bernadette, I love You and your Work! I have The Ark and would like to order the new books. Please send me an order form by email.
    Thank you...Donnalee. [email protected]. 🖖💞
    Ohmygoodness....I found the kickstarter! No worries...I am learning to communicate with technology 😁🙏💞
    Mama Bear
    Mama Bear
    Thank you! I JUST started to send the Kickstarter link. Thank you so very much for supporting your self and the Animal Allies!
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