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Coffee and Conversation: Is there a distinct moment you remember when you KNEW you were spiritual/intuitive/etc


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Feb 8, 2021
Sometimes our spiritual awareness comes along slowly, building up. Other times it gobsmacks us in the forehead. I remember calling a friend and freaking out because every time I touched someone's jewelry I got feelings or images in my head. She basically patted me on the head and said, "there, there child, let me teach you about energy" ROTFLOL
Mine was totally out of the blue, not expected, but continually grateful for.

It all started quite by accident, {{ Or was it }} when my hubby was rushed into hospital for an emergency operation on his back, in 2005. That was a wednesday and he had a MIR the next day. It was 50/50 whether he would walk after it. The only gaurantee the surgeon gave him was that he would be pain free. He was scheduled for surgery that Saturday, as long as no emegencies came in and was told he was NOT to walk anywhere until then. Which meant he could only get out of bed to sir in the chair beside him OR be taken in a wheelchair, which i did while visiting. We were also told if i could be home for 2 weeks AFTER he could come home, otherwise it would be a 2 week stay, no matter what.

That Saturday morning having aranged to meet my daughter to go see him with my then almost 3 month old granddaughter. As i was early and killing time i cut down a side street in town, when i came across my very first and now my favourite Metaphysical shop. This is why i sometime say was it actually an accident. As they became my go to for not only crystals, books and other things, but a wonderful support when hubby was diagnosed with PTSD in 2007/8.

So you could say, it all began in there. I am also grateful for all the love they showed me when i was at my wits end.
Mine has been a three part set of moments.

First was when I was a little girl (under the age of 6) and I walked to and from school (Catholic - 1st / 2nd grade) and cut through a very large cemetery. I would stop and talk to people.... --- unbeknownst to me - they were passed. (very long story here but suffice to say the Nuns put a damper on that ability for a LONG time)

Second part was going to my Grandma's house for the summer. Fairies, Fey, --- and old world witchcraft. + Candle magic and prayer.

Third part were scattered visions that came true... especially about someone passing.
It came to me as a surprise, during a reading. The reader looked at my natal chart, took a good long look at me, looked me in the eyes, and said..."You're a psychic healer." (smiling and speaking in a very matter-of-fact manner). I had been using my thought energy to affect change from PTSD for myself and others for quite a long time.

To have that recognized by another person tho lifted me up on a cloud. It was a nice feeling.

It also confirmed what I had suspected. I realized that I was 'sensitive'/intuitive when I started having dreams that later came true, premonitions about an auto accident, etc., Before answering I would ID the person calling on the phone by the vibration of the ringing. And If I had mail I "knew" it beforehand. Just things like that. Just a "knowing" without actually knowing. I was about 20-21 years old at that time. (approx 40 years ago).

So it was gradual and yet still managed to be a pleasant surprise.
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That's one I'll never Forget! I was at work (working retail) a gas worker had been coming in on his way to the field everyday. On August 19, 2019 when he came to the register, I looked up to greet him and when we made eye contact I felt like someone put 50 9V batteries on my tongue. That's the only way I can describe the energy I felt rush through my body and it didn't let up for about 2 weeks. You think I didn't want to know what world just happened to me! Now here I am talking to you nice folks, reading Ekart Tolle and tarot cards 😀