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New to the group spiritual animal help


New member
Mar 17, 2022
I am new to the group and desperately trying to research all I can on the meaning of a fox in the distance each day to in my dreams to now caught on my camera visiting my door each night. He's been around for few years and would chatter back if I speak out while feeding our livestock but this is brand new of visiting my house. It has to be some sort of message that I'm missing or not seeing. Any suggestions of research or what to look is so very appreciated.
First welcomem! You've come to the perfect place to learn more about animal spirits. Bernadette has some great information you can read over in these links. Having a live Spirit companion is very special. Keep paying attention to small details. The message will become clearer. You could consider meditating on Fox, too

Thank you so much for sending these links. It's so much you can find on the web and so many paths of not knowing which way to look into it. Thank you for sharing. I definitely will check these out right now.I know some think they are bad luck but to me he or she can't be when it's been here for a long while bringing me more and more intune to spirit animals and the times it would really chatter and talk was turning points in my life. Now the fun begins to research more. Thank you again :)
Fox spirit often comes during times of change. In some stories, Fox can shapeshift, and you are about to transform!