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Seeing hawk after chatting with Mom


Mar 6, 2021
Hawk has been with me on my path for many years . I had a surprise visit from him today after having a wonderful talk with my Mom on the phone . It was so different today she using is a huge trigger for me and interrupts me and talks over me and I am not heard and spews negativity like a waterfall. I usually fell very drained after listening to her but something has changed and shifted in me it was a balanced conversation for the first time in my life with her. When she would start to complain I made suggestions she could try and she was grateful . I felt so empowered and not triggered once .
I went into the bathroom and felt this wonderful surge of energy about the conversation at that moment hawk flew right in front of me and then flew around the corner of my house and landed in the dogwood tree then flew to the northern direction. Just wanted to share this as I was strongly guided to do so. So many deep shifts taking place now.