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  • So I have a question, I see repeating numbers all the time, they are 111,333,444, and then some 9f them are double like 33, 44,66. I have been looking them up and the different things they could mean and so on. But the 111, are so much more. How would I try to figure out what they are telling me and teaching me?
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    I tend to think they are just visual reminders/confirmation from our angels or guides that we are on the right path. When I notice a lot of synchronicities I stop and try to pay attention to the noise around me. For me--my messages tend to come from music, or words being spoken.
    So when I notice a ton of repeating numbers I pause and almost always there will be a phrase or a lyric that resonates with me (more often than not, it's on the funnier side.. as if my angels/guides are begging me to not take everything so serious .. they have a sense of humor ya know)
    Wow 2 ladybugs the other day dropped in on me one in my car 1 as I was making supper In the house. Been doing some research on it and trying to figure out what it means it means for me does anybody have any suggestions to what a ladybug could mean. Thank you and have a Great night many blessings
    Hi there, hope everyone is doing well? Question that came up for me and I would like to know what mama bear thinks and anyone else, and that is how is the energy around you. Mine has been so off key. Definitely need to do a ground cleaning and meditation. Have a good day.
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