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Apologies For Being AWOL


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Mar 4, 2021
West Yorkshire UK
Apologies for being a little AWOL of late.

As well as life being up and down, i have been trying to get my head round some home improvements and where to start. Along with dog sitting at the coast. Back there again in a few weeks time. 2 lovely older Westies who just plod along like we do. LOL

The up and down part, which has been going on since mid April has finally peaked and now on the way back up as it should be. The loving Boots up the butt were required this morning, for his lingering PTSD issue from a few weeks back. {{ I left it longer than i should have before using them }} It came to a head last night, so now dealt with and he totally got where i was coming from.

My poor Seahorse power animal really has been working hard to keep me hanging in there. Plus Stu's Puffin power animal has given him a hefty peck this morning, to remind him what he was doing and what he was loosing.

Between us we have Seahorses. Elephants and Puffins to keep us on the right path. He has quite a Gathering of Puffins now, the larger one on the left was specially made for him.

So now i am fully back in the present i will be around and posting up again a lot more until @Mama Bear can get back to what she does best.

341881702_1290227801851653_1945721880938438582_n.jpg 339303622_947208426289688_3592929144507094849_n.jpg 338575195_550405220538651_8912434115635526404_n.jpg 341885349_207223795374647_5679783650538314411_n.jpg
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Been a little AWOL again, as we Dog sitting again for 2 weeks. We got back this Monday, with a turn around of 8 weeks this time before we go back and do it all again for another 2 weeks.

I managed to take an ear infection with me, but had meds from Dr who saw me in his break, the Friday before we left. I am going back to see him this afternoon as i am now almost completely deaf in that ear and we need to find out why.

While away i picked up 3 more seahorses for my collection. Could not find the Puffin Vertical Garland i wanted though. Maybe next time we are there i will find it.

Earings, Brooch and an ornament.
Been a little AWOL again.

Minor health issues, that needed addressing but put me down unexpectedly more than i realised. ALMOST sorted now, hopefully the biggest one is on its way to settling down.

The fun part of a minor secondary issues is that i may need a hearing aid. LOL Please no, i can hear his nibs twittering enough without it being amplified. 😁 🤣 :love:

OO and we go back to the coast next week dog sitting again for almost 3 weeks. If ever there was a Heaven on earth, this must be it. So dog sitting, hand feeding the squirrels and watching the Wellards fighting off seagulls. What are Wellards you ask, they are Mallards, but the way they chase and fight with the seagull in the harbour and further up the river estuary who get too close, we nicknamed them Wellards.
I am still around but been busy since 15th Sept at the coast looking after the 2 elderly furries and his nibs. LOL We will be here until the 19th / 20th Oct. Then back to do it all again sometime in November.

Along with hand feeding the Squirrels across the road in the park. Where dogs are not allowed, though some unsavoury characters feel its ok to take them in to intimidate the squirrels. Not on my watch they don't, words have been said to one or two over doing that.
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The last few weeks have been a little / lot stressful, but we have got through them with the help from quite a few animal allies.

We have had Seahorse, Puffin, Spider, Duck and Goat right there for us. Goat stepped in on Thursday morning with his sure footedness and a reminder that NO head butting was allowed.

We find the outcome of Thursday in 4 to 6 weeks. Until then, its all being put to one side, so we can enjoy our last time Dog sitting at the coast. Will be there for around 10 days, while they travel backward and forwards, moving their personal belongings from their B&B that has just been finally sold.

WE will miss them, but we have bought them a wonderful gift for them to hang in their new home and remember us by. The picture is the same as this, just in a frame.

I have been AWOL again, but caused by a GREMLIN this time.

For some reason my laptop went Gremlinised on me It played daft devils and i had to fight the password barrier to get back on.

Once i had done that i thought all would be A OK.

MM Nope, had to reset passwords on somethings, but the forum had other ideas, it would not let me in at all for quite a while. I did let @Mama Bear know and sent her a screen shot of what i was getting.

Then yesterday, just as she was going to find out what was going on, i decided to put my password in with NO capitals and NO symbols. KABOOM i was back in without a hitch.

I am at the coast again dog sitting, been here for just over a week and we have another week here at least.
I am still here if anyone thinks i have gone off grid again. Just have had to deal with a few home and health issues first and foremost.

Hopefully once today's paperwork is completed, signed and posted i can sit back and be me again. Be them me i chose to be again not long ago, but hubbies health issues took over yet again. Which blew up last night, but steps have been taken to get the help and support he SHOULD have.

He is fine this morning, we are both just mentally exhausted from it all.

Wishing you all a great Christmas, Yule or however you celebrate. Even if you dont celebrate at all, have a peaceful time to yourselves.
Not been posting as much as i maybe i should have been over the past few weeks. I am still here but lifes Plot Twists have been coming hard and fast over the last few weeks, yet again.

Hopefully it will stay a little more balanced for now, though it could get twisty again in a few weeks LOL. We are just waiting for hubbies test results the Dr ordered a few weeks ago in A&E. Originally a Kidney infection or Kidney stones were suspected, but something else was noticed on his left Kidney when a scan they took at the time was checked.

So i have not abandoned everyone, i have just been a little distracted.