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Hubby and the Puffin.


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Mar 4, 2021
West Yorkshire UK
A few days ago hubby and i were watching a paranormal investigation program. Not a bad one and we can usually get what they are doing, without pulling the apart very much. {{ Yea we have a tendency to do that šŸ˜†}} They were using tarot cards for a small part of it and pulled the devil card. Yea panic all round LOL I explained a bit to hubby about how the card was not as it seemed. {{ Which in the program did have a better explanation for it being pulled at the end }}

This led to the following between hubby and i.

I had a light bulb moment A big one. Now he has ALWAYS loved puffins. Everything about them has always caught his attention. So the Ark Puffin is The Fool.

This is where it gets interesting. Oh and dots connecting too. As today's comments in chat about letting people go and basically blocking them out.

As many know hubby has PTSD and yes thank you so much @Mama Bear for recognising what we have together. I stuck by him by my own choice. He trusts me to get it right for him. We have learnt together how to fight it. I taught him ways to recognise my voice when nothing else makes sense to him, even his bed. The top lady who saw him last told us that i have a better knowledge about him that she ever could, because i see it as it happens. Even the paramedics and police the last time i had to call them, followed my lead with helping him back to reality. No it is NOT easy i am in no way saying it is, but we were together and married for 7 years before this invaded our lives. The reasons for it are NOT military, it goes way way back to childhood, then going forward until we met. LOL There is another story to enjoy at some point.

Now how The Fool card fits in so many ways, all good to be honest. So as the Devil card is not as it seems, we also know that The Fool is also not how it seems. This is why family have been shut out, yet again. Because they all refuse to see him as he is now NOT as he was before we met. Even his daughter would not listen and take notice of what we were trying to tell her. Too much like her mother, a character there in herself, who many are afraid of, yet she knows better than to try anything with me. She has pulled a few stunts in the past that i shut down immediately. Silly women does not know my background or intelligence, which was not as rough as hers. His sisters well keeping that short, only see what they have stuck in their heads from over 20 years ago. So they have ingrained his nephews and nieces with there own idiotic ideas of what they think he is.

So hubby is very much like the Fool and the Puffin cards. He is comical He is a free spirit. He is not afraid to just go for it in a good way, when he gets an idea in his head. He is happy go lucky when the mood hits, in a good way. So much of the card IS hubby. In every good way possible. If only those who should would stop and see that.

Oh and as we say between us ""He is a pain in the butt. But he is MY pain in the butt"" To be honest i would not have him any other way. PTSD included, well not so much but you get my meaning.

He is nothing like that now. Yes PTSD has changed him but not in a bad way. Yes he is different to the man he was when we met, but the basis of who he is with me is still there It is still strong


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Pearl, there is SO much I want to say but it will take me a bit to organize my thoughts and reply in a more meaningful way.

Thank you for sharing this as I have had similar experiences with my own PTSD, but surrounded by people who say they love me and want to understand but never take the time to look things up, and judge me for who I was 10, 20yrs ago and refuse to see me as the person I am today. I have had to start from scratch and create a new family for myself as my blood ties are mostly harmful.

The fact that your message is about Puffin is just insanely relatable for me.....Puffin came up as a card on my Birthday this past May (I was blessed to have Bernadette pull a card for my birthday and it was Puffin).

Then in July, the week before Bernadette went on Vacation, the Fool/Puffin card came up as a deep dive into the tarot meaning of the card and we were allowed to ask questions about taking leaps (you might remember this) I asked in what area of my life i should look to in order to take this leap and Bernadette saw puffin painting in a calm and healing place and I told her I really would love to have an art therapy place for people dealing with PTSD.
Literally the next live, Bernadette did a 3 card pull but was giving away a lot of readings and decks to make up for previous messages if we could guess the card that was pulled. The last card pulled was puffin and i guessed right and won a free half hour reading.

I had just written to Bernadette everything that was going down with me and birds lately and sent her my info, etc and connected the dots between Raven and Phoenix but didn't get into Puffin, or Guineafowl (I found a feather on the way home with Felix one day, brown with white spots and it was just so random, the type of feather and where I found it). I spent over an hour looking on a feather atlas trying to identify it. when I looked up the meaning what stood out for me was protection of home/family. And after what happened with mother this last Saturday just drove everything home for me (that's a whole other long story lol)

Pearl, you are a beautiful and understanding soul and I'm glad your hubby has someone like you to have his back. For someone with PTSD, that can mean EVERYthing.
Lovely to read that all are working with themselves and with others in their worlds, and with the animal guides helping all.
Celebrations and Love for all and being Human with other Humans +++ Moving, Flowing, Navigating, etc.
Pebbles and Ripples ... each of us can, may be ... within ourselves and with others ...